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You will love this cookie from the moment you speak its name. And what could be more Southern than pecans, except maybe making sure they are in the perfect pralines? The key to these is making sure to keep your eye on the heat—the temperature, that is. Making pralines is all about warming everything up, then cooling it down just right. For twists on the traditional, you can add chocolate, instant coffee granules, or even bourbon to this to create even more unique pralines. Whether you prefer the classic recipe, or want to put your best praline foot forward, everyone who has a bite will go nuts for these!
Two of our favorite comfort-food sandwiches join forces in these family-friendly dinner sandwiches. We found that softer buns make this easier to eat, and it’s all the better when wrapped takeout-style in a sheet of foil.
Meet the Cook: Those who like the taste of Reuben sandwiches and sauerkraut are sure to savor these distinctive meatballs. The recipe was given to me by a good friend, Helga Stremel, who is from Germany and is a wonderful cook. -Irlana Waggoner, Hays, Kansas
Whether the tea is for two, or just for you, you will love the taste of these Tea Cakes. Even though they’re called cakes, tea cakes are actually easy-to-make—and easier to eat—old-fashioned cookies made with butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and vanilla. Think of these as the perfect cookie to pair with afternoon tea, or one you could just as easily enjoy with a glass of lemonade. So brew a pot of Earl Gray, or your favorite blend, and bake a batch of Tea Cakes. Then settle in for a delightful, relaxing, afternoon.
I was born in Africa and grew up enjoying cardamom. Through the years, I’ve experimented with this herb in a variety of recipe. I hope you enjoy these old-fashioned sugar cookies.—Mabel Shirk, Fair Play, South Carolina
this exceeded my expectations! yum! I used half a cup of whole milk and half a cup of half and half. I didn’t have broth, so I substituted white wine. I added salt and white pepper to taste. I also added a dash of garlic powder to taste, at the end, to emphasize the garlic flavor. I ate this on top of pasta with peas! tastes great with and without the peas mixed in the sauce. this was quick and easy to make. the sauce came together nicely. the consistency was very creamy. my only complaint is that my stomach isn’t big enough to eat more!
So I tried this last night and they were DELICIOUS but then when I took them out of the oven, after following the recipe, my meatballs came out as half meatballs. The bottoms had flattened out and stuck to the baking sheet. How can I fix this?
Michael Chernow runs the front-of-house operations and the beverage program at The Meatball Shop. He has worked extensively in restaurants New York and Los Angeles. He is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, where he earned degrees in culinary arts and restaurant management. He and Holzman met as teenagers when they worked together as delivery boys at the New York vegan restaurant Candle Café. Needless to say, the vegan thing didn’t really stick.
And, secondly to avoid ugly, flat cookies, be sure your butter is room temperature (not melted or even softened), and use a cooler dough vs. warm dough. Just pop it in the refrigerator a bit before baking if it feels warm.  
I haven’t doubled or tripled this recipe, so I can’t speak to how well it will scale. I usually make this recipe with my 5 quart Kitchenaid mixer. Whipping the eggs in step 3 adds a lot of volume, and my mixer couldn’t accommodate 2-3 batches of this cookie. I can tell you that you won’t want to double or triple the baking time. You’ll still bake the cookies like normal, you will just be baking more batches. Hope that helps, and good luck!
I remember my mom making this soup; now I make it as often as I can. It’s a good way to use up leftover vegetables. Sometimes I add a can of rinsed and drained kidney or garbanzo beans. —Angela Goodman, Kaneohe, Hawaii
[…] few desserts that I love more than those that combine chocolate plus carbs. I love chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and all things chocolate + butter + sugar + salt. It’s a glorious combination that I adore. […]
Thank you Gemma for this crazyyyy recipe! I made three flavors: classic choc chip, nutella and double chocolate chip. My friends and family love it! I just had a little trouble with the baking soda as I ran out of it when I was making these. What I did was replace it with thrice the baking powder and leave out the salt. I was a little worried on how it will turn out but it tasted good! I can’t wait to try the other crazy recipes. 🙂
Whether you’re at the game or cheering from home, kick off your tailgating party with our first-string collection of snacks, spreads, and dips. For starters, scoop up this hearty sausage dip and keep it warm at the tailgate party in an insulated casserole dish carrier.
Chef David Guas describes this traditional Cuban ground-beef stew with raisins, onions, olives and tomato as an “à la minute chili.” According to him, it’s a simple dish with countless variations. “My mom and I used to argue about picadillo: My grandmother made it a certain way, my father another,” he says. “Now that I’ve tasted versions of it in Cuba, I’m able to get my head around some of these slight differences.”
Hi. Is it possible to make these meat balls with chicken mince. I have tried the mince beef version they turned out excellent. Wasn’t sure if mince chicken would give same results. Would love to hear back. Thanx
The Fiesta Salad begins with lean ground beef and adds in every possible delicious delight to create your favorite Mexican-inspired supper. Our recipe even includes ground pork for a little extra zest. You can build your salad with mixed salad greens, fresh avocado, and a choice of cheeses including pico de gallo and sharp Cheddar cheese. So ditch the shell for some tortilla chips instead, and enjoy these taco ingredients with a fork―salad style. If you’d like to serve this party-style, you can even save time by setting up a fix-your-own buffet for this delicious, quick-fix supper ground beef recipe.
My family LOVED them. I added more garlic and Italian seasonings a more salt to our family’s tastes. To the sauce I added wine and roasted the garlic and fresh tomatoes first then put it all in the crock pot. I cooked on high for 2.5 hours and it was very flavorful.
We cut down the cooking time for this healthy chicken stew by fortifying store-bought broth with chicken and aromatics and then using the flavorful liquid to both simmer the rice and make the gravy. Try subbing 5 fresh curry leaves if you can’t find the Indonesian bay leaves.
This top-rated spinach-ravioli lasagna uses convenience items, like store-bought pesto sauce, jarred Alfredo sauce, and frozen cheese-filled ravioli, to deliver a delicious main dish with little time and effort on your part.
I am not sure how far in advance you’d like to make them, but if you need to freeze them I’d suggest making meatballs, then freezing the meatballs in an airtight container. When time to make for party, thaw the meatballs, then reheat them in pan, then proceed with rest of recipe instructions to make the sauce.
I decided to try these meatballs yesterday and they turned out amazing! My fiance is very picky but he couldn’t stop eating them. My brother saw pictures of the ones I made and I have to make them for him in a few days. Thank you for sharing this easy and unbelievably good recipe.
This was such a crowd-pleaser! The 5, 8 and 11 year olds could not get enough. We had not had meatballs since my 8 year old was diagnosed with celiac disease, and they had been a beloved staple in our pre GF life… We used Ann’s GF version with Rice chex and they were such a success I cooked a double batch just to freeze! Thank you!
[…] really take a look at what sugar I’m eating it surprises me how much sneaks in. I love food. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are little rays of sunshine! Choosing to not eat sugar is the hardest but one of the most powerful […]
Hope you love them as much as we do, Alyssa! I always make this recipe with ground beef–mostly out of habit. If I were to make it with ground turkey, I’d go for a blend with some of the dark meat to avoid drying out. If using ground turkey breast, just be extra cautious not to overcook.
Wow I cooked this steak and I have say it came out perfect. To be honest with you I nearly cut down on the sugar as I thought that it would be to sweet. But I’m glad that I cooked it to the recipe. Thanks for all your recipes I have HD some wonderful meals since I got onto your site. Oh and yes I used dark brown sugar as well.
Steak can be part of a healthy diet but portion control is key. Instead of a plate-sized hunk of beef, enjoy strips of marinated sirloin atop veggies and whole grains for a perfectly well-balanced meal.
This beefy, traditional Greek casserole is surprisingly low in fat. It relies on spices, tomato paste, wine and vinegar for flavor instead of the ton of cheese (and fat) found in regular moussaka recipes.
These Date Pinwheel Cookies are a delicious slice-and-bake cookie. Sweet chopped dates and crunchy walnuts are rolled in cookie dough, and then sliced into pinwheels. What results is a simple and tasty cookie. Because these freeze well, you can make these ahead, or just serve them warm right out of the oven. Your family and friends will turn on a dime and head right for the kitchen as soon as they get a whiff of these baking in the oven. In the words of one reviewer, “This was what I have been looking for!!! They are fabulous!!!” We love these Date Pinwheel Cookies too, and we couldn’t agree more.
This riff on spaghetti and meatballs uses rice-shaped pasta, ground lamb, and tangy feta cheese—a fitting complement to the spiced lamb. To make ahead, brown the meatballs, freeze on a tray, and store in a zip-top bag for up to one month.
OMG so I have two Very picky boys when it comes to food. And let me tell you. They Loved this. I made a double batch thinking positive and there was only a little left over. Only enough to make it into some nice yummy wraps for lunch for me and my husband. The wraps I just added some mixed greens and called it good. And boy was it ever. Thanks for sharing this recipe
My (almost) 10 year old wanted to make dinner and chose this recipe. Delicious, except I would use WAY LESS worcestershire sauce. It monopolized and that was all you could taste, so I had to add more sour cream. Will try again with less, and I’m certain it will be incredible. Thank you for this recipe!