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Megan!  This looks so awesome!  I love a good lasagna and sadly have also had bad luck with those gross no boil ones.  And yes I ALSO talk to people in the aisles so we are both weirdos.  I bet this freezes wonderfully too huh!
Yes, this cake will take a fondant icing very well. The buttercream filling, and crumb coat, which will smooth out the cake, and get it ready for the fondant will help. A very light crumb coat will be sufficient.
This is the richest, creamiest, and most amazing flan you’ll ever taste! No, really. Our flan is the kind that dreams are made of, which is why we call it our Dreamy Flan. This custardy dessert is a Latin favorite and a real must-try!
AWE! Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! I would follow the instructions on the box of the lasagna sheets but normally no. If you purchase the pre-cooked ones then yes, you will need to boil them before. Hope that helps!
As I was reading these comments, you say you always use cake flour but then change it a few comments down to use only self rising flour. Is it better to use the cake flour or stay with the self rising. I used the self rising and followed the recipe to a T but the cake did not come out to well.
Hi Nia, yes. The milk was hot but then you turn the heat to low. It’s still pretty hot though when you add it in to the batter. I think that’s where the name Hot Milk Cake comes from, it’s weird but it works! Thanks for your question, I’ll fix up the post so it is clear. Thanks.
Hi Rachel. I am not american and absolutely love and follow your recipes from Portugal. we dont use standard measurings and sometimes its dificult to understand if it is a standard or a regular spoon. Thank you for your answer
Hi Beverly… I’m happy to gelp you with this cake. I’m sure there is something overlooked, a typo, who knows? Is a pretty reliable cake, it’s been made for generations in my family without incident. Would you like to call me and I’ll walk you through it?
“Made it for my Ava today. It was wonderful, so much chocolate flavor. The frosting wasn’t gooey sweet but smooth and silky and had perfect sweetness. Everyone agreed it is a keeper, will make it again and again.
Let them eat cake—and let us help you find the best cake recipes and frosting recipes! With our how-to dessert videos for carrot cakes, chocolate cakes and tres leches cakes, we’ve got every occasion covered. We have reveal cakes for baby showers, poke cakes for color-themed parties, and upside-down cakes. Check out two kinds of pound cake recipes: sour cream pound cake and regular. For fruit lovers, we have strawberry cakes and lemon cakes as well as tips on how to make cream cheese frosting.
In a large bowl, combine confectioners’ sugar, sour cream and vanilla. Add chocolate mixture; beat until smooth. Spread frosting between layers and over top and sides of cake. Refrigerate leftovers. Yield: 16 servings.
An easy herb rub gives sensational taste to these boneless pork loin chops that can be cooked on the stovetop in minutes. The meat turns out tender and delicious. —Marilyn Larsen, Port Orange, Florida
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Ever since my Most Amazing Chocolate Cake became a viral sensation, people have been begging me to create the Most Amazing White Cake. It took ten rounds of experimentation and testing to perfect the white cake, but I think I’ve finally reached  “the one.” I’ll continue with a bunch of tips and trips to give you your best chance at success with this cake. White cakes are more finicky and tricky than chocolate cakes, but when made well, they are absolutely perfect and blow those boxed cake mixes out of the water.
Depending on the thickness of the chops, you may need to transfer the skillet to the oven (only if using an oven-safe skillet) to finish cooking. These chops were about an inch thick and were cooked through once browned on both sides. Any thicker and you may need to finish in a 350 degree oven for 5-10 minutes.
Hi Diana, sorry for the confusion! Her recipe used less butter, not a full stick. I will go clarify that in my post (once I dig out her recipe and see exactly what amount she used; I cannot remember). Thanks.