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It’s not every Copenhagener who wants to take strenuous exercise in cold water either for fun or to get fit. the packed bike lanes of the Danish capital, even at this sometimes subzero time of year, are testimony to the success of a city that is aspiring to be one of the healthiest in the world. Copenhagen consistently sits at the very top of the UN’s happiness index and is one of the star performers in the Healthy Cities initiative of the World Health Organisation, which, almost unknown and unsung, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The initiative was the idea of a group of individuals inspired by the Alma Ata Declaration of 1978, which was about elevating the status of primary care and public health in a world where everybody equated healthcare with hospital treatment after you got ill.
If you love digging into a warm and delicious burrito, but hate the sluggishness that follows, this one’s for you. Wrapped in nutrient-dense collard greens, this chicken, black bean and spicy quinoa burrito recipe forgoes the extra carbs for a lunch or snack wrap you can feel good about. Photo and recipe: Carmen Sturdy / Life by Daily Burn
The Dallas campus, like all of our locations, has been built with patients and visitors in mind. In addition to care tailored especially for children, it offers families and visitors the services and support they need. The campus includes the tranquil Haggerty Chapel, a cafeteria with multiple dining options, family resource libraries, a coffee shop, ATMs and a full-service gift shop. Services such as child life, guest relations, pastoral care and social work help families cope with the issues and concerns that come with having a child in the hospital.
This dip turns old-school chicken cordon bleu into a party-friendly appetizer. It’s made with the standard cordon bleu ingredients of chicken, Swiss cheese, and ham, though the addition of cream cheese gives it a more dippable consistency. The whole thing can be made in your slow cooker—let the chicken go for five to six hours (or until it’s good and shreddable), then add the other ingredients.
Count on having dinner on the table in about 40 minutes, and serve this soup the moment it’s done for the best results. In fact, if you wait, you’ll find it gets too thick with time. If you have leftovers, you will want to thin the soup with a little chicken broth or milk to the desired consistency.
My son said this is one of the best things he has ever eaten!  I think my son is my biggest fan of my cooking.  My other one is unpredictable and pretty picky but he LOVED this meal as well.  Of course, he had to scrape the mushrooms and spinach off but said it was amazing.
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You’ll pound down (or butterfly) the chicken until it’s thin and even. Then you’ll wrap it around a mixture of spinach and cheese, and bake. It takes a bit of prep — but it’s worth it. Get the recipe.
3. Zoe’s Kitchen Chock full of families, Zoe makes lunch and dinner items with a Greek slant and fresh disposition. I’m a big fan of the “gruben”, a sandwich featuring turkey, delicious feta slaw, spicy mustard and Swiss cheese on grilled rye. I recommend pairing it with their braised white beans. Part soup, part side dish, these healthy beans will warm you through and through.
The ultimate weeknight dinner, chicken recipes will never get boring with these 100 recipes. Whether it’s grilled, sautéed, baked, or roasted, everyone is sure to find a favorite in this collection. Go international with Chicken Shawarma, or stick with more traditional flavors in dishes like Chicken and Broccoli Casserole or Chicken Potpie. Kid-friendly favorites like BBQ Chicken Pizza are included, or keep it fancy for a date night in with Chicken Scaloppine with Broccoli Rabe. 
Beets are high in immune-boosting vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium (essential for healthy nerve and muscle function) and manganese (which is good for your bones, liver, kidneys, and pancreas). Beets also contain the B vitamin folate, which helps reduce the risk of birth defects.
Hi Sarita, The cooking time is correct. Depending on the size of your pan and how thick the meat mixture is it may cook faster or slower. In a typical meatloaf pan I find 1 hour 20 minutes to be just right.
Need to find a HealthTexas physician?  Yes, there’s an App for that!  Download our iPhone free App to search for a physician by specialty, city, and location “near me”.  The App also has mapping and direction functionality, as well as a directory of our imaging and after hours care.  You can even share physician information with your friends.  Don’t have an iPhone?  Our mobile directory works on any smartphone, simply go to http://physicians.healthtexas.com/Mobile and save to your home screen.
Make the right changes. When cutting back on unhealthy foods in your diet, it’s important to replace them with healthy alternatives. Replacing dangerous trans fats with healthy fats (such as switching fried chicken for grilled salmon) will make a positive difference to your health. Switching animal fats for refined carbohydrates, though (such as switching your breakfast bacon for a donut), won’t lower your risk for heart disease or improve your mood.
Shellfish isn’t eaten very often, which is a shame because it contains more nutrients than almost every other food. It ranks similar to organ meats when it comes to nutrient density. Edible shellfish includes clams, mollusks and oysters.
Stanford University’s Medicine Preventative Research Center has found that glutathione helps with elimination of fat-soluble compounds, especially heavy metals like mercury and lead. It also helps with the absorption of various nutrients, the use of antioxidants and with liver-cleansing functions. (9) Bone broth also increases intake of essential minerals, which act like chelators to remove toxins by stopping heavy metals from attaching to mineral receptor sites.
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Orange chicken is my favorite Chinese takeout food, but I know that it’s very high in sodium and fat. So I got to work at home and created a healthier version. Now I have peace of mind knowing what ingredients are in it and that it’s better for my family. —Barbara J. Miller, Oakdale, Minnesota
The fleur-de-lis is one of the popular symbols used in New Orleans, in honor of Louis XIV for whom Louisiana is named. These “Louisiana-style chicken breasts are filled with crawfish meat and make an elegant dish for entertaining.
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Hi CA! If scaling the whole recipe down then it might take 5 minutes less but please ensure you use a smaller pan. If making the same amount of rice but just reducing the amount of chicken used then yes it will still take the full time 🙂
HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT BAKED CHICKEN BREASTS! You’ll never bake chicken breast another way! They’re easy to make, perfectly tender, juicy and absolutely delicious! (I’ve used this recipe before and they’re in the oven now! Timer’s up!