“gluten free bread”

This was a delicious and simple recipe, thank you. Since I made a few modifications based on what I had in the house, I was pleasantly surprised. 🙂 I don’t like mushrooms, so I skipped them. I only had dehydrated onion and soy sauce, not worcestershire, but the flavor was still delicious. Oh, and it was served over brown rice instead of noodles. My husband requested that it be added to our dinner rotation.
Use crushed whole grain tortilla chips instead of plain breadcrumbs to flavor this juicy meatloaf and help it hold its shape as it bakes. We love chipotle salsa for its medium heat and smoky notes, but any salsa and heat level will give the meatloaf fantastic south-of-the-border flavor. Mixing in cheddar cheese also gives this meatloaf extra bite, so be prepared for sensational flavors. Make a tasty meatloaf sandwich, or serve a slice alongside Tex-Mex Mashers.
My husband followed this recipe and the cookies came out PERFECT! Not too sweet, just the right amount of salt, and the frosting isn’t necessary because the dough is fabulous! This is going into our recipe binder!
“I seriously doubt that anyone’s great grandmother used “ground turkey.” Where I originally came from, NYC, to use anything but ground beef and pork is considered a sin; and I’d have to go to Confession. As a chef, I have nightmares about what’s actually in ground turkey. These meatballs will not be as moist and juicy as they should be. First off, the fat content is way too low and the bread crumbs way too dry. They should be moistened bread or the bread crumbs moistened with milk. Secondly, the meatballs should be fried or baked until the outside is crisp; then finished off in a covered pot of barely simmering sauce; for an hour or more. I usually cook mine for at least 2 hours. Any leftovers are destined to be reheated and served on a homemade, crusty, semolina, sesame Italian loaf. Then smothered with sauce and topped with mozzarella or provolone; then into the salamander/broiler, just enough to melt the cheese.”
This is good but not sure it deserves such accolades. Meatballs are decent. Sauce a little plain. Think I would do the meatballs again but look for a different sauce. Served with fresh made noodles which definitely make a difference.
No-Bake Butterscotch-Coconut CookiesThese no-bake butterscotch and chocolate-drizzled “buttons” couldn’t be easier. They don’t require an oven and can be made in less than half an hour, meaning you have no excuses for not making cookies.
You don’t bake your meetballs, you loose all your favor, you drop the meatballs ln tomatoes juice, let the tomates juice come to an boil, then drop in the meatballs, cook on medium for 15-25 minutes, there you have it, trust me there very tasty, and you don’t loose favor, sorry honey this is the only to do meatballs, just give it an try,
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If you like peanut butter and chocolate, you’ll love these gooey cookies. It mixes creamy peanut butter with candy bars to amp up the deliciousness level in these candy-bar cookies. What’s even better is that a lot of the chocolate and peanut combination comes from using a candy bar. That means this recipe has all the makings of an easy kitchen classic. Our decadent recipe features three-dozen chocolate-covered caramel-peanut nougat bars. Yes, that is correct, 36 little candy bars are covered in dough, then baked to perfection. This is a simple delight. So don’t decide if you prefer chocolate or peanut butter—enjoy them both in every single bite.
These cookies are amazing! Probably the best I’ve ever made. I thought they might bring dry and crumbly when I first scooped them out, but the texture is just the right amount of moist on the inside! I’m definitely saving this recipe!
Jeff Mauro reimagines the classic Reuben sandwich in slider form using tender ground chuck, shredded Swiss, breadcrumbs and parsley. For another nod to the classic deli sandwich, top the sliders with a generous helping of Thousand Island dressing and serve on toasted mini buns.
If you like your food hot—spicy, that is—we’ve got some recipes to help you turn up the heat. And liking spicy foods may benefit your figure as well. In one study, consuming a little hot pepper (in tomato juice or in capsules) 30 minutes before a meal helped study participants feel less hungry and eat about 10 percent less. Turn up the heat with cayenne, chili powder and chile peppers in these spicy recipes.
I’ve made this about 5 times now, the whole family loves it! I put carrots in and go heavy on the spices and liquids. It’s very good! . I even make a vegetarian version (for dad) with beans that tastes really good!
This was equally easy and delicious! Came together very quickly. My only addition was a few sliced baby bella mushrooms, added when the ground beef was almost done. Hubby loved it, and requested we have it again soon.
I made this for my husband tonight. He gave it an A+ and said his father would have given it two thumbs up. They are from Michigan, but we live in Louisiana, and this is comfort food for them. He grew up eating Beef Stroganoff. 
Can’t decide between meat loaf and Italian for dinner tonight? Do both! Our totally delizioso ground beef recipe features homemade garlic butter and toasted bread crumbs for a topper you can’t resist.
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There are two places where you may have gone wrong. Did you beat the egg mixture for 5 minutes on high? That thickens the batter and provides some of the structure for the cookies. Cutting the mixing time short would result in a thin cookie batter. The other place is step 7. Did you chill the cookie dough? It should be the consistency of a thick brownie batter going into the fridge, and then it firms up even more during the chilling time. Hope that helps!
Mix beef and pork together in a large bowl. Stir onions, bread crumb mixture, eggs, parsley, garlic, salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, Italian herb seasoning, and Parmesan cheese into meat mixture with a rubber spatula until combined. Cover and refrigerate for about one hour.
Is this freezer friendly?  Yes… and no.  Although you can prep this ahead of time raw as a freezer meal, I kind of feel like, what is the point?  When you really get down to it, most things just taste better fresh, and this literally takes 1o minutes to get in the oven.  With that said, I love to double or triple the recipe like I mentioned above, and then freeze the leftovers to use to make into new meals down the road, like the BBQ Chicken Nachos I mentioned earlier. Yum!
I made this yesterday for my family and guests. They absolutely loved it! Made sticky sushi rice, added a little dried ginger (diced) to the meat when browning it, and added a little sesame oil to the meat when it was done browning, just to keep it from tasting dry.
Explore all the delicious “pasta-bilities” within this terrific collection of pasta recipes. You’ll find Italian pasta recipe classics like spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna (and eggplant lasagna), easy baked ziti, and penne pasta recipes of all kinds. Get ‘em hot, in baked pasta casseroles, or cold in pasta salads. Go cheesy with mac and cheese—or go cheesy and innovative with our mac and cheese hacks. We’ve even got “vegetable pasta recipes”—dishes that pretend to be pastas!
Whole grains take too long to cook, you say? Well, say hello to bulgur, which can be ready in less than 15 minutes. Try this Middle Eastern-inspired healthy dinner recipe topped with plain yogurt or store-bought tzatziki for an extra hit of creamy flavor.
Hearty chili like this has chunks of meat cooked to perfection in a Dutch oven before being combined with its other ingredients. For our Quick Beef Chili we suggest using petite tender. This quick-cooking foundation for this dish is supermarket steak that is cut from the shoulder. It looks and tastes like tenderloin but costs a third of the price. If you can’t find it, try chuck-eye steak, which also has great flavor but may need more trimming. Whatever your choice, this quick, spicy, delicious chili will have you filling your bowl for seconds. Smother it in great toppings: think green onions, sour cream, or many others.
Hi Kelly, It’s great to know these meatballs fueled a bunch of really strong guys…such a demanding sport and fun to watch! Thanks for the awesome feedback and for mentioning your tweaks. They sound perfect and I’m glad they’re on the menu again!
Things I loved about this recipe: it’s a true one pot, it’s very easy and inexpensive, and full of garlic and spinach. Things I disliked: my cooking time was the same as the recipe did require more liquid, I used more chicken stock. It lacked oomph in flavor. The basil should be added with the spinach not in the beginning of cooking as written- my basil was dull in flavor and color. I’ll make this again but add basil with the spinach and other tweaks like add some wine or another flavor booster- capers, seafood, artichokes, etc. the magazine offers the twist if adding shrimp, which would be good.
Think of these as being a tart twist on the traditional Mexican wedding cookie. You’ll use just a tad less than two sticks of butter to make these delicate little gems. Our readers love these cookies, in part because they are so easy to make, but most of all because they taste great. They come out of the oven light and crispy, and only get better once they are covered in a generous dusting of powdered sugar. You may need to go ahead and plan to double—or triple—the recipe because these cookies are so good they won’t last long.
This elegant pasta dinner will have your family thinking you worked in the kitchen all day long. The secret, though, is refrigerated ravioli and jarred alfredo sauce that’s heated with white wine, chopped fresh tomatoes, and fresh basil. Top with Parmesan cheese for a tasty finishing touch.
Thanks Rey–I noticed the dark soy was very similar (in consistency at least) to oyster sauce. Oyster sauce is a lot easier to get though. Next time I will try that but I really think our home stoves lack the heat they have in restaurants which is why that special taste really can’t be duplicated. Someone once called it “wok mojo” and I think they’re right.
Are they the worst or are they the best cookies in existence? Either way, this easy, soft chocolate chip cookie recipe is insanely addictive. They’re great as fresh, hot-out-of-the-oven cookies, and stay soft for days.