“cooking zucchini noodles”

Oh my word! I absolutely love your most amazing chocolate cake. It is amazing every time I make it. So chuffed to have found this vanilla cake recipe…..it’s just as amazing, and so darn easy! Absolutely love your recipes
Want to know how to make lasagna for a casual holiday meal? You can’t go wrong with this deliciously rich and meaty lasagna. My grown sons and daughter-in-law request it for their birthdays, too. —Pam Thompson, Girard, Illinois
Once you’ve layered your lasagna, you need to make sure you last layers (or top layers) finish with pasta > meat sauce > white sauce > mozzarella cheese. Yeah, that order results in a golden, crunchy and cheesy top with a layer of juicy meat sauce underneath.
Hi, I’m trying to bake my little girl’s birthday cake at home and want it to eggless. I love the look of your cake but I’m struggling to get it right! I’m currently practising in two 6 inch loose bottom pans, so I’ve halved the quantity of ingredients shown in your recipe (6×2=12 which is the same as 8×3=24 / 2=12) . My first attempt resulted in a cake that tasted lovely, but it seemed to be darker in colour for vanilla cake and there were crusts and the sugar looked like it had crystallised on the top and sides. Also, it just didn’t have the same fluffiness that your cake have in the pics and feels quite dense. I therefore in my 2nd attempt turned the temp down slightly (to 160 degrees Celsius but I think this was too low! So I’m going to try it again for the 3rd time tomorrow so would really appreciate any hints or tips you can offer. Many thanks!
Bake at 350° for 25 to 30 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Drizzle Buttermilk Glaze evenly over layers; cool in pans on wire racks 15 minutes. Remove from pans, and cool completely on wire racks. Spread Cream Cheese Frosting between layers and on top and sides of cake.
Thanks for taking the time to come comment. Amanda, the owner of I am Baker, and I are actually really good friends. While I can see how you might think they are the same recipe, they are actually quite different. But hey, let’s just pretend you never said this 🙂
But I had most of the stuff on hand already, so I figgered I’d give it a whirl. I had ricotta and shredded mozzarella/provolone blend on hand, so I used that, but otherwise I followed this recipe. Oh — I did use another poster’s tip and didn’t cook the noodles.
Milk basically kept me alive for the first 16 years of my life. I was a picky eater, but I would always happily drink HUGE glasses of milk. I’ve never heard of a hot milk cake. I’m intrigued. Looking forward to trying it out!
Over the years, Cake Pan Cake has been one of King Arthur Flour’s most requested recipes. And now we’re proud to name this our King Arthur Flour 225th Anniversary Recipe of the Centuries. Dark, moist, delicious, and CHOCOLATE, the cake is egg- and dairy-free, making it perfect for vegans and those with egg/dairy allergies. Baking gluten-free? We offer that version, too: Gluten-Free Cake-Pan Cake. Truly, this is a cake for all reasons, all seasons — and for bakers (and their family and friends) everywhere.
I have been making lasagne for over 20 years and this is the best ever!! (excluding my bechemel recipe)Cooking the sauce for at least two hours is important to develop the depth of flavor. I didn’t have fennel seed so I used a piece of star anise. This allows you to remove the anise so you get the hint of fennel without biting into the licorice flavor. My friends and family raved about this.
I would let the lasagna thaw out before reheating. The water that accumulates will actually help to rehydrate the lasagna noodles. Reheat the pan well covered with aluminum foil at 350 F. for about 25 minutes. Then remove the foil and continue heating for another 10 minutes, or until the lasagna is hot and bubbly. Enjoy!
I recently made this cake, and it was amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share this great recipe. Wondering if you have any input on adding other flavors. My nephew wants a 4 tiered super hero cake with each layer a different flavor. I was trying to find 1 base cake recipe I could use and then just divide my batter and add different flavorings. I’m thinking strawberry, blueberry, and lemon. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
I would suggest searing the pork on a much lower temp. I did the lower end of medium high and after 4 min my pork chops were almost black and once I flipped them they turned black in 1 minute. I am sure the recipe is great if not burnt.
Prepare Filling: Pour boiling water to cover over dried peach halves in a bowl; let stand 30 minutes. Drain well, and cut into 1/4-inch pieces. (After plumping and dicing, you should have about 2 cups peaches.)
Cake goes hand in hand with celebrations. Birthday cakes. Wedding cakes. Graduation cakes. From the sweet end to anniversaries, to the treat on holidays, there’s something that feels truly special, in comparison to other desserts, about cake. It might be the amount of work that goes into some of these beauties. Or it might just be the frosting, because yum.
Hi Allyson! OH NO! What a disaster. I am so sorry, especially since it sounds like my cake = messy oven. :-/ So the first thing is, it sounds like the cake pan might be (must be?) too small. So, I asked my Grandma and she said it should be at least a 12-cup pan. I never specified that (my mistake), I just said tube pan or bundt pan. I must have one that fits the batter and you might not. I’m so sorry! If the walls are not tall enough, that might be contributing to it needing more baking time. Why don’t you look into the capacity of your pan and we can go from there. Do you happen to live in at a high altitude or in a super humid environment or anything like that? I doubt it, but that’s all I can think of to crack this case. :-/ Let me know about your pan size!!! Sorry again.
Hello! The batter is a little thick but not that much to give a hard time scraping it out. How do you measure the flour? The best way is to use a spoon to scoop the flour into the measuring cup and then I use a knife (straight-edged) to level the flour across the measuring cup. Thanks for your interest in my recipe.
Hi Oriana, I’ve tried your recipe again but I’m struggling to get it to cook through. The cake batter is pretty thick so I’m wondering if I need to be adding extra milk at all? Also, I noticed there is no baking powder in the recipe? Would adding any of this help? Im determined to get this cake right for my little ones birthday but am conscious it’s not far and I’ve not yet had any success.
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Topping a cheesy slice of pizza with a loaded handful of salad is the perfect compromise when you’re trying to eat healthier, but still need a hearty dose of flavor in your life. In this epic carb and veggie union, your traditional cobb salad joins forces with a garlicky slice of cheese pizza.
I always make my lasagne the day before and never had a problem. In fact I choose to make it when I need to do something in advance. My daughter wants my recipe but I do not have one. I wing it using a store bought sauce. This recipe intrigued me with no cook noodles and sour cream. I must try.
To simplify the prep, you can use uncooked lasagna noodles in this recipe.  Heat the oven to 350°F.  Assemble the lasagna as directed, then cover the baking dish.  Bake for 45 minutes.  Uncover, then bake for 15 minutes or until hot.
Hello Louisa! I am sure an electric oven would be fine. I can’t see why not. You mean electric as opposed to gas, right? I am not sure about separating the eggs and whipping the whites. Sounds like more work to me! You could try it, I’d love to hear how it goes! Thanks.