“duncan hines apple spice cake”

I just looked up baking powder and buttermilk and found a site called drgourmet.com (lol) that said if you sub buttermilk for regular milk, you need to decrease the powder called for by 2 tsp. and add 1/2 tsp. of soda per cup of buttermilk.  I’m a HUGE fan of baking with buttermilk, so I’m going to re-make this cake tomorrow using only baking soda.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  🙂  I just unmolded it from my pan and it’s springy and soft, so I have no doubt it’ll be delicious…just a tad bit flat, haha!  
I made these tonight. They were awesome, but the next time I make them I will add more salt and cheese. I was looking for them to be a little more cheesy. I recommend only keeping them in oven for only 15mins so they are not dry. My family loved them… Thanks for recipe.
We made this cake every Sunday evening….it was our dessert and lunch box treat. I was out of town and was make this cake for a friend…always remembered 4 eggs, 2c sugar & flour, 1 milk and 1/4 lb of butter…but always forget how much baking powder, salt and vanilla. Like how it says to do the eggs and sugar. Will be trying this.
A signature Southern dessert, the Hummingbird Cake has been a favorite of our readers for almost 40 years. We gathered our best Hummingbird Cake recipes, all of which put a special spin on the sweet pineapple-banana-cream cheese combination. 
What is a Butter Cake? Well, it’s a cake with lots of butter in it, for one. (Obviously!) I’ve heard it referenced as a Kentucky Butter Cake also, so maybe it originated in the south? The southerners invented the best foods didn’t they? My love for red velvet cake, pecan pie, and biscuits tells me I was born in the wrong section of the country!
Thank you for the wonderful recipe. By far the best pork chops I ever prepared. I actually starting off my softening them with a meat tenderizer, which did wonders for absorbing the dry rub (also cut down on the baking time).
Coconut is the doyenne of Southern layer cakes, a masterpiece of home cookery that has crowned dining room sideboards for more than a hundred years. Purists sing the praises of simple but divine, opting for coconut water-doused cake layers and dreamy swirls of meringue. With this latest creation, we for a thick and rich filling. 
Make the most of angel food cake, pie filling and whipped topping by creating this light impressive dessert that doesn’t keep you in the kitchen for hours. It’s the perfect way to end a summer meal. —Carol Johnson, Tyler, Texas
Hello Jayson! I recommend using self-rising flavor. I updated this recipe and the cake flour comment must be old. I am sorry the cake did not come out well, but I have tested this recipe hundreds of times and it’s always great. I hope you give another try. Thanks for trying my recipe.
I have this baking right now, and it is the first lasagna I’ve ever made! Hubby wanted lasagna, so I made a double batch (it is his fav food, so I am freezing one for later). I may be missing something, but I only used 6 pieces of lasagna per pan… Am I missing layers? It says to only repeat the layers once (there isn’t enough ricotta mixture for more than 1 repeat). I also see 4 layers of noodles in the picture.
Great cake especially with chocolate covered fried salamanders and worms. Sorry, just kidding. I remember this cake in surrounded by a mildly sweet sauce not sure if it was carmel or butter scotts or maple syrup. Have you come across this? What recipe? 
I blame this post all on her. This recipe is not exactly ideal to look at and salivate over in a month that we are all on our low carb, Keto, paleo, weight watchers, cabbage soup, low fat, low carb, rabbit food diets. But…It’s Lasagna. And I DO know that many of us still have to cook ‘normal’ foods for our families.
Sweet ‘n’ Citrusy Pork Chops are fall-off-the-bone good! The long, slow cooking tenderizes them so much that the meat literally starts to fall off the bone. Serve the chops over rice to enjoy the gravy that’s made during cooking.
I made it the other night and it turned out great!! I typically by low fat sour cream and 1% cottage cheese but I did get the regular sour cream and 2% cottage cheese for this and it wasn’t soupy at all!! It was delicious! I have never thought to add sour cream before!
Break one egg into a custard cup; discard any shell fragments that drop into the cup. Add the egg to the butter-sugar mixture and beat well. Repeat with remaining eggs, beating well after each addition.
3. Check your pan. If it is a heavy pan you may need to wrap it to keep it cool. The heat will distribute more evenly with this method. Use brown wrapping paper, two sheets and wrap the pan with this, tie it on with string. This will help to keep the heat from baking the outside of the cake before the heat transmits to the center. We always did this for heavy fruit cakes at home!
Some users have reported that their cakes fall when substituting buttermilk for the regular milk (and adjusting the leavening ingredients). Therefore, until I have a chance to do more recipe testing, I am no longer recommending a substitution with buttermilk.
Hey Lil’Luna fans… I went off recipe and made these pork chops bone-in after reading so many other reviewer posts who had as well. It’s what I had. I drenched them in the seasoned breading and baked them. They were great the first time! I got an answer to my question about when the pepper gets added (in the dry mix,) as I thought. I had one of the baked pork chops left over, soooo I did the opposite of the delicious recipe and browned the (SLIGHTLY micro-warmed) chop in the olive oil on both sides… and it came out awesyum!!
This is my first time ever making lasagna in my 26 years. It was a lot of work but the result was amazing. My fiancé loved ever bit of it. He couldn’t stop talking about how delicious it was to his friends and family. I will definitely continue to use this recipe in the future. It’s a must.
These cute Petit Fours consists of three layers of Almond Cake sandwiched together with a layer of apricot preserves and raspberry preserves. Then these little cakes are covered in a white chocolate glaze. more This Southern cake does contain Coca-Cola both in the cake and frosting. It consists of a moist chocolate cake covered with a fudgy frosting and chopped pecans. more This cake consists of layers of moist coconut-flavored butter cake that are filled with a tangy lemon curd and then the entire cake is frosted with a smooth and shiny 7-Minute Frosting and sweetened coconut. more
A cake that’s sure to please. Four layers of chocolate cake sandwiched together and frosted with both a peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache. Yum. more Moist and chocolately this Chocolate Chiffon Cake is filled with a mocha cream and frosted with a rich and glossy chocolate glaze. more A Lazy Daisy Cake is composed of a soft and fluffy textured Hot Milk Sponge Cake that is topped with a crispy caramel flavored Broiled Frosting. more
I just made this yesterday for a 4th of July cake. I didn’t have enough cake flour so part of it I had to substitute a mixture of all purpose flour and corn starch. Turned out amaaaaaazing! I made the frosting recipe too, both delicious! I’m saving this as my go-to cake recipe! My sister’s birthday is this weekend, I’ll be making this again! Thank u for the recipe, it’s perfect!
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