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Add the salmon to the pan, skin side up. Roast 4 minutes. Remove from the oven, then peel the skin off. (If the skin does not lift right off, cook 2 minutes longer.) Sprinkle with salt and pepper and turn the fillet over. Sprinkle with salt and pepper again.
When it comes to salmon you have a couple decisions to make. First, are you going to buy wild caught or farm raised? Wild caught has a much more rich flavor to it, but it also tends to be much more expensive. Farm raised is always a great choice. You can buy an entire filet (as pictured), or you can buy portions. This recipe will work with either.
Ooooh I will definitely be trying this! I love quinoa bowls and have done something similar but never with the cream part. Coconut milk sounds like an awesome addition and I already see all the yummy variations — thanks Katie!
Delicious and EASY zesty soup recipe that uses only 6 canned ingredients! Serve over tortilla chips, and top with shredded Cheddar cheese. Throw away the cans and no one will know that it is not from scratch!
Liven up simple sauteed shrimp with scallion rice and a zingy Asian-style dipping sauce. If you don’t have a fresh chile on hand, substitute a pinch of red-pepper flakes or a dash of hot sauce. If you can’t find peeled and deveined shrimp, use kitchen shears to make removal of the shells easier.
I like to make this for company since you can get it ready ahead of time up until the final baking step. It looks both pretty and impressive, and the orange flavor is more subtle than you’d expect. This is a healthy and elegant meal (not to mention delicious) when served with a leafy salad, brown rice, and asparagus.
Look for I.Q.F. on the label for the freshest shrimp on the market. It means “individually quick frozen,” and it’s easier to manage than 5-pound frozen bulk blocks. Once thawed, frozen shrimp is just as perishable as fresh so make sure you are buying recently thawed seafood. Or, buy them I.Q.F. frozen.
This was not Valentines day. Not was it after a bubble bath with my sweetie. My husband is not a shrimp fan, but some of my kids are! My daughter found this recipe on Pinterest. We found ourselves without the other kids home and hubby with other dinner plans. So my lovely daughter and I decided on this on the way home, stopped for the things we didn’t have and completely enjoyed! Thank you!
Everyone will love this super-creamy, warm and cozy entree on a chilly evening. But no one will ever guess that something this cheesy and delicious could also be lighter! Try it–you’ll see what we mean. Taste of Home Test Kitchen
Consider the nutritional value of the humble cricket: Each 100 grams of dehydrated tissue has 1,550 milligrams of iron, 340 milligrams of calcium, and 25 milligrams of zinc — three minerals often lacking in the diets of third-world countries. If you’re ever lost in the woods, three crickets a day will meet your iron needs. Compared to beef or pork, bugs deliver more minerals and healthier fats.
Whether it’s a side dish or dessert, sweet potatoes make a colorful, seasonal addition to a number of recipes. They’re definitely a Thanksgiving staple, and we love to use them in creamy pies, savory salads and hearty soups. They are also perfect for casseroles and a number of side dishes. From classic sweet potato casserole to vanilla bean-whipped sweet potatoes, here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes that are just as home on the holiday dinner table as they are for any dinner occasion.
Radishes become tender and blushing pink when sautéed, a lovely addition to the quinoa. Move over, spuds and rice. Quick-cooking quinoa is a protein-packed whole grain that’s the new everyday starch in your pantry. Red onion is pungent enough to hold its own, sturdy enough to add great crunch, and pretty enough to showcase.
For best results, choose salmon from the meaty center of the fish and avoid portions cut from the tail section (where the body starts to taper). Tail-end flesh contains more connective tissue than center-cut fillets. Use black sesame seed buns, if available.
This isn’t your usual salad. Our version has 24 grams of belly-flattening protein in it thanks to quinoa and chicken sausage, turning a bed of leafy greens into a full-fledged meal. It makes for a great lunch that fills you up without weighing you down.
Microwave the sweet potatoes to speed prep time, and top with other healthy ingredients spinach and red onion. Grilling time is a quick 3 minutes per side, and voila! A meal that appeals to the whole family. Added bonus: The mozzarella alone provides more calcium than a glass of milk.
Remove the pot from heat, cover, and let the quinoa steam for 5 minutes. This step gives the quinoa time to pop open into little curlicues, so it’s nice and fluffy. Remove the lid and fluff the quinoa with a fork. Season with salt, to taste, unless you’re proceeding with another recipe as written.
Sweet potatoes are often a part of Thanksgiving, and this recipe gives you a new twist on that classic flavor. Orange juice gives this dish a little sweetness, while pieces of crumbled bacon will give you something to savor, and rosemary will give it an aroma all its own. Delicious together, this sweet-and-salty side could not be easier to prep on Thanksgiving morning. Best part? It’s made in the slow cooker, so you’re saving valuable stovetop space. When you’re ready to serve it, sprinkle a mixture of parsley, orange zest, and garlic over the top: you’ll get just the right amount of herbs, spice, and bite in every mouthful.
In this healthy salmon dinner, you’ll get a dose of greens and green dressing! Chowing down on 6 or more servings of dark leafy greens a week can help keep your brain in top shape. This dish features the Test Kitchen’s current go-to method for doctoring a can of chickpeas: spice them up and roast until crispy.
After making the peanut noodles, broil the shrimp skewers and stir-fry the broccoli with a bit of garlic-chile oil. Serve the shrimp with noodle and broccoli, drizzling the rest of the oil over everything.
Pour Sauce over salmon. Cook for 1 minute or until it starts to thicken slightly. Check the side of the salmon to tell how cooked through the middle is – I like mine rare inside. (Note 1). If Sauce thickens too much before your salmon is cooked to your taste, just add water 1 tbsp at a time.
Cook once, eat twice with these dinners that make enough for lunch—and can be even tastier—the next day. The leftovers keep well in the fridge overnight, then just pack up and reheat at work, school or home.
“This is good, but was strangely blah and unappealing to the eye, I think because the veggies kind of stewed as the quinoa cooked. I added some garlic salt and some cumin for more flavor, and some diced raw green pepper for color and crunch. I’ll probably make this again, but I’ll cook the veggies and the quinoa separately, and or reserve some of the veggies to add in raw. It needs texture, for sure.”
Hi Lynne! The problem with nutritional info when I shared them, was that so many ingredients and products differ in calories and fat grams. My readers and I found it frustrating to get different results, so I encourage readers to work them out with the ingredients they have used. My fitness pal is a great tool! And yes, my recipes look extremely decadent, and I do try to lighten them up as much as I can and when I can! 🙂 This one, for example, uses half and half instead of heavy cream. Feel free to use cooking oil spray instead of butter also, to save calories 😉
Omg it was delicious! All of my family except one picky eater liked it and wanted more. Garlic lemon butter sauce was awesome. We had extra sauce around the salmon so we could dip steamed broccoli into the sauce. We will cook again soon! Thank you for delicious and easy clean up recipe.
Serve this traditional Southern shrimp boil for a casual family meal: Set out the meal on butcher paper and have fun digging in. Leave the shrimp with the shells intact for a more hands-on eating experience.
Your past few meals sound incredible! And this dish – wow – it looks phenomenal! That butter?! YUM! You are so right – splurging on good seafood is so important in dishes like this. It just tastes so much better!
Yes, desserts can help burn fat too! These tasty clusters offer up two appetite-suppressing ingredients: The oatmeal contains 1.7 grams of resistant starch, and the dark chocolate is full of healthy fats to help curb cravings.
Preheat the oven to 475 degrees. Place the butter and half the herb in a roasting pan just large enough to fit the salmon and place it in the oven. Heat about 5 minutes, until the butter melts and the herb begins to sizzle.
This fresh spin on burgers is a delicious new way to cut back on beef and eat more turkey, an excellent source of lean protein and a favorite weight-loss food of Jillian Michaels, Biggest Loser trainer and Health magazine cover model.
These shrimp are incredibly easy to make: Thread three shrimp per skewer (this makes them easy to turn while cooking), then dip shrimp in soy sauce and vinegar and coat with sesame seeds before cooking. Serve with buttered rice or noodles and sauteed greens for a simple supper.
This sweet potato pie’s yummy goodness is provided by ginger, nutmeg, and maple syrup. Add in the garnish of crunchy pumpkin seeds, and you have a healthy and tasty dessert that’s a perfect complement to any meal.