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I’d have to say one of the most common complaints I hear about cooking at home is when you suddenly realize it’s one of those days when dinner slips up in front of you and you have absolutely nothing planned to cook. Typically, that’s when some would throw their hands up in the air, concede defeat, and then reach for a bowl, some cereal and milk—or the closest take-out menu, whichever is easiest to get to first.
From grilled fish with a twist of lime to rich, creamy seafood pastas, there are about as many seafood recipes as there are fish in the sea! So we cast our nets wide. We’ve got scrumptious seafood appetizers along with tuna salads for the kids’ lunchboxes. You’ll also find yummy seafood chowders and jambalaya recipes and Healthy Living choices for quick weeknight dinners and entertaining. Begin exploring these amazing seafood recipes from Kraft Recipes today!
This recipe was truly delish! Outstanding flavors with so few ingredients. I love heat so I added the red pepper flakes and it was the perfect ratio of hot, sweet and savory. And talk about quick! Went from pan to plate in just 3 minutes! Seared crispy shrimp, garnished with fresh scallions served over 5 minute rice with steamed broccoli. So healthy, so effortless and what a treat! Can’t wait to make it again and again!
This classic casserole often straddles the line between side and dessert (indeed, we’ve enjoyed the leftovers both ways). We dial down the sugar to steer the dish back to savory territory, and add a crunchy oat and nut topper for texture. A final drizzle of maple syrup just before serving gives the casserole a lovely sheen. While we call for a ricer in our master mashed potatoes, a potato masher is perfectly acceptable here since the spuds will be bound with an egg, topped, and baked. Chopped almonds or walnuts would be a delicious sub for the pecans.
Excellent shrimp dish and SUPER easy to make. I used wine and heavy cream and didn’t need the cornstarch. Everyone raved about it. I’ve made it several times and one guest said it the best dish I’ve ever made and he eats here a lot and loves my cooking. Thanks for this!
I made this recipe without changing anything. I did not have to add the corn starch the sauce was a perfect consistency without it. The entire family loved this dish I served it over brown rice and it was a hit. Next time I’m going to try it over pasta. I think you could serve it over just about anything and it would still taste fabulous. Great recipe!! Thank you so much!
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Don’t obsess over getting these exact ingredients in this precise combination. Any nut you like will work here for crunch, and you’re looking for a mix of bright herbs and enough cooked grains to make it substantial.
Use soy. No, use beans. No, use oats. No, use rice. Hey, why not use them all? This veggie burger is an alternative to eating its beefy cousin. It’s high in fiber and as a stand alone patty, actually tastes pretty good. Once you layer the ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc. you won’t be able to tell the difference.
This was very yummy, however maybe it’s the fact that the salmon I used was already de-skinned, but it turned out on the dry side. I cooked for 21 min then broiled for 2. Seems a bit overdone. Flavor is there though! Thanks!!
We ate this for lunch just yesterday and we instantly fell in love. It actually makes it hard to ever order sweet and sour chicken from a restaurant again now that we have an easy and healthier version to whip up at home in 30 minutes.
This was hands down amazing. I left out the wine (only because i didn’t read the ingredients list properly 🙃 However added a squeeze of lemon juice. Didn’t use shrimp, instead once the sauce came together I added a few basa fillets and let simmer through until cooked! Served over fettuccine egg noodles and have had a request from the partner to make it again!
One of my favorite ways to make quinoa even more comforting is to add canned tomatoes or tomato paste with curry powder! It tastes like a quinoa curry this way! SO yummy. I love this idea, especially since people are making more of an effort to eat plant-based and healthier as well!