“full course meal”

Made this lasagna today for my Hubby’s birthday. He absolutely loved it and so did I!! He said it tastes better than his mom’s!! Shhh, I won’t tell her!! Lol This Lasagna is truly the World’s Best Lasagna!!!
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While we haven’t tried this variation before, we think an Irish Cream Cake Pan Cake sounds delicious! Consider replacing half of the water in the recipe with Irish Cream Liquor (adjusting to taste based on how strong you want the flavor to be). Feel free to let us know how the results turn out. Happy baking! [email protected]
Heat canola oil over medium to medium-high heat. Add butter. When butter is melted and butter/oil mixture is hot, cook 3 pork chops at a time, 2 to 3 minutes on the first side; 1 to 2 minutes on the other side. (Make sure no pink juices remain.) Remove to a plate and repeat with remaining porch chops.
“I will rate a 3 just out of fairness. I will not try this recipe. I have made lasagna for many years and would never ever use cottage cheese. Gramcayo states that ricotta is dry. I use whole milk ricotta and add eggs to it as well as pepper,parsley and pecarino romano cheese. When making lasagna part of the taste is the sauce which I do not believe you can get a great taste by using sauce from a can and by adding paste which is sweet. I am glad that many people have found a recipe that they like. I prefer to make my sauce which cooks for hours and then make my lasagna with that. This was how I was taught many years ago and I have not had a complaint yet. For added flavor I use my meatballs from the sauce and smash them instead of just using ground beef. That adds even more flavor. Christine is right cottage cheese is too salty for lasagna.”
I made the cake exactly as stated, the only thing I added was two cups of fresh blueberries..and maybe I will pour some brown sugar sauce and whipped cream over the top. I made them in cupcake form so that they can be frozen too.
I was looking for a good lasagna recipe and came across this one (THANK GOD) it was amazing my family loved it! the only change i made was adding mushrooms to the meat sauce it was perfect thanks so much!
“Outrageously rich and moist chocolate cake. I baked in two deep 9 inch round cake pans ( Williams Sonoma). I increased bake time to 45 minutes. prep for such a delicious cake. I used a “special dark” cocoa powder and added 2 teaspoons of expresso powder. I used my own recipe for chocolate buttercream icing . Really tall layer cake.”
just the answer i was looking for thanks! I was wondering if it was a typo in regards to eggs or egg whites, trying your recipe for the first time for a Strawberry cake with strawberry cream for the centre. looking forward to it turning out! : -}
Follow these instructions and you’ll get an impressive, towering dessert without having to worry about burning a meringue, shaving down layers of cake to make even lines, applying a crumb coat, or dirtying more than two bowls. Because not even “the best” is good enough for me (yes, I’ll bring this up with my therapist later), I added sliced banana, toasted coconut, and ground cinnamon and cardamom for even more flavors and textures. Paul suggests adding sliced fresh strawberries, but I like the creamy, soft banana; the coconut and spices add mental interest to the purely physical pleasure of eating a large slice of cake. 
I have a dinner party for 10 people coming up in a few days. I would love to make this lasagna. You state that it feeds 8 people. Do you think this recipe would stretch to feed 10 people along with salad and bread or should I increase the ingredients?