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So glad to hear that you liked it, Kelly. We’ve made this recipe several times and it hasn’t been soup-y so not sure went wrong with the others…. just glad it worked out for you!! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂
Sherry Gore, the author of Simply Delicious Amish Cooking, has graciously shared her recipe for Hand-Breaded Pork Chops with us, and we couldn’t be happier. Sauteed in a pan and drizzled with gravy, this mouthwatering dish will disappear in a flash!
Sprinkle with red or white wine vinegar. Stir in sugar, a tablespoon at a time, tasting after each addition, to taste. (The amount of sugar needed will vary, depending on how acidic the tomatoes are that you are using.)
If you’re looking for the sweet and sour sauce they serve in Chinese restaurants, no need to buy bottled when our freshly made version tastes a million times better. We bet you’ll agree our Sweet and Sour Pork Chops are amazing!
If you double recipe, cooking the sauce in a slow cooker will lessen the chance of burning. Check that your two pans fit in the oven before you start.. You may have to use two racks and switch halfway through. Definitely add on an extra 15 minutes cooking time.
Over the years, Cake Pan Cake has been one of King Arthur Flour’s most requested recipes. And now we’re proud to name this our King Arthur Flour 225th Anniversary Recipe of the Centuries. Dark, moist, delicious, and CHOCOLATE, the cake is egg- and dairy-free, making it perfect for vegans and those with egg/dairy allergies. Baking gluten-free? We offer that version, too: Gluten-Free Cake. Truly, this is a cake for all reasons, all seasons — and for bakers (and their family and friends) everywhere.
Now pop it in a 350-degree oven for 20-30 minutes, until hot and bubbly. (Alternately, you could cover and freeze it, unbaked, at this point. OR cover and refrigerate, unbaked, for up to two days before baking.)
You can make the sauce in advance and freeze it for several months. I just freeze sauce in gallon sized freezer bags. You can also freeze in plastic storage containers. If just using the fridge, I wouldn’t make it more than 3 days in advance because of the meat.
“We make this recipe all of the time since I received my first issue of TOH. It is the requested chocolate cake. We do like it with the frosting recipe that comes with it but I have also done it up with chocolate frosting. I have reduced the amount of oil to 3/4 cup and the amount of sugar to about 1 1/2 cup.”
I always have a terrible time with pan-fried pork chops being too tough, but maybe it’s because my pork chop cuts are too thick? Either way, this looks delicious – will keep in mind for another pork chop try!
As for my favorite dish of my grandmother’s, I never got to try any of it! She always lived in Korea while I was in the States. Sad, I know, but lots of food bloggers post their grandmothers recipes so it works out! 🙂
I make pork chops or chicken this way. But I dip my meat in egg first. Then put on baking pan sprayed with cooking spray and bake. 400 for twenty minutes, then turn and bakes an additional twenty minutes.
Mmmm, another thing I have not yet perfected. I still need my ultimate meatball recipe! Well, this is a little bit of “food styling magic”. I cut it cold, then reheated in to microwave to make it gooey again. Shh, don’t tell! 🙂
One of our readers’ favorite ways to cook a pork chop, this recipe balances Southern comfort with health. The panko-breaded pork chops are easy to make and full of crispy flavor; no marinating necessary. Our Caramelized Onion Gravy is made with low-fat milk for a lighter take on a classic Southern gravy, but don’t worry – the caramelized onions retain all the savory flavor of the traditional dish. Serve it with Apple-Cabbage slaw for a colorful, flavorful, and fresh vegetable side.
eggless orange muffins recipe with step by step photos – easy to prepare eggless orange muffins with whole wheat flour. eggless cakes, muffins and cookies are often made at home. and they get over soon too. as and when i get time, i will be adding more of baked goodies recipe. i have already posted few muffins recipes like banana muffins, mango muffins and chocolate chip … [Read more…] about eggless orange muffins recipe, whole wheat orange muffins recipe
The best lasagna recipe ever starts out with a homemade bolognese sauce. Bolognese sauce is a meat based sauce that gets its name because it originates in Bologna, Italy. In this recipe I’ve used a combination of lean ground beef and Italian style ground sausage. You’ll want to be sure to use a lean ground beef (93/7) for best results so that the sauce doesn’t end up greasy.
Oh yeah, I also wanted to mention that my lasagna was a tad soupy, and I believe that it would have been worse had I not put it in the fridge overnight (where everyrhing had a chance to draw up some of the juices. I live at 6000 ft altitude, and believe that the problem is that I probably just needed a longer baking time than you would in lower altitudes. Either that, or I suspect that using 1 cup less tomato sauce would be fine, too.
My sister had a bad cold for the trip but still managed to run the Disney marathon and beat her own time, despite being barely able to even talk.  I caught the cold on the way back home and don’t seem to be able to muster up the energy to change out of sweatpants or cook myself anything other than vanilla cake. The endurance gene skipped right over me, I swear.
I’m not sure about you, but there are definitely some things that I enjoy eating now that I’m older. Not sure if I would be classified as picky (I guess I am), but I feel like I’ve grown to like many different dishes. One of those is Pork Chops. It sounds weird not to like them, but I just don’t think they ever interested me when I was younger. Now, I love them and make them when I can. My parents make them even more often, and this next recipe is one that my mom tried out a few weeks. They are called Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops. They come from Julie’s Eats and Treats, and they turned out perfect. We will definitely be keeping this recipe to make more Pork Chops in the future!
I did this recipe, but I used Mushroom Condensed Soup, Same measurements and used Pork Loin Chops (1″). My Husband and I loved this recipe. It was perfect the amount of each ingredients. Served with White rice and salad. Yum yum!!!