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I was sorry I made this. My sweetheart loves the comfort of a good meatloaf and we just received ground beef and pork from our local farm. He thought it was ok. My daughter wouldn’t eat it. I disliked the amount of bread and the texture. Perhaps my aromatics were diced too small in the food processor. Perhaps I could have blended the breadcrumb veggie mixture more forcefully into the meat. I don’t know. So many people love this one. UUnfortunately I regretted wasting our special local meat.
I make meatloaf the way my Mother in law showed back in 1968 when I married her son. I use ground beef or chuck and oatmeal. An egg, sprinkle some lipton onion soup mix in to give it an onion flavor. half a can of tomato soup not mixed with water, and mix with my hand. Shape into a loaf and pull away from the sides of the pan. Mix water with the remaining tomato soup and pour over and around the meat loaf so it is in sides of pan then cover and bake at 350 for an hour and a half to two hours depending on size of pan. I don’t care for ketchup but love tomato soup and this makes the meat loaf moist and not so dry.
If I had to guess, I’d say there’s about 25-30 crackers in each sleeve. But when I crushed the amount in the recipe, it appeared to be about 1-1 1/2 cups. We have the same problem here with the sleeves–a LOT of broken crackers.
Who says you need bone-in, skin-on chicken to get lots of flavor?? What you really need is a good sear on your chicken, lots of those delicious browned bits at the bottom of the pan, and some butter. Everything is better with butter.
We love how the snappy veggies and pineapple make this stir-fry taste fresh and bright. Add brown sugar and you get a sweet-and-sour dish that’s packed with flavor. —DeEtta Rasmussen, Fort Madison, Iowa
^ Harris AH, Thoresen CE (2005). “Volunteering is Associated with Delayed Mortality in Older People: Analysis of the Longitudinal Study of Aging” (PDF). Journal of Health Psychology. 10 (6): 739–52. doi:10.1177/1359105305057310. PMID 16176953.
My mom always used oats too. Once married, I was surprised to hear people used bread crumbs or pulled apart dried bread, etc. I even had a friend that said she used crushed corn flakes in place of oats or bread crumbs. Just remember, the oats have to be the instant kind. This is a simple, easy and delicious recipe. I’m glad to come across it, as this was my mom’s too.
Health care institutions around the country have begun to adopt practices and policies to support a healthy food system — one that is environmentally sustainable, improves nutritional quality and supports human dignity and justice. 
So many great comments! I’m going to try the potatoes on both sides. I’ve always used bread crumbs and added a layer of cheese in the middle. Usually it’s cottage cheese, but if that’s not on hand, mozzarella works. I may try oats this time.
You would need to add points for the 1 cup cheese. I used low fat cheese and it was good. Also, count the Mayo, again I used light. The 2 T of olive oil would need to be factored in. You could use Pam, I suppose.
For a chicken enchilada soup with more complex, robust flavor, we use a homemade chili purée instead of the typical canned enchilada sauce. Gently poaching the chicken in the broth used for the purée adds flavor to it while ensuring a better texture. But what really sets this soup apart is how creamy it is, thanks to both pepper Jack cheese and cream cheese.
After the conversation, Rochelle Joseph, the practitioner, explained in an interview: “That is someone, you can hear it, who probably never talked to anyone about this. It may be the first time he’s said those things out loud. This is someone we would recommend” for more intensive follow-up.
Ingredients: Avocado oil, fresh lime juice, honey, sambal oelek, broccoli slaw, kosher salt, round rice paper sheets, avocado wedges, mango wedges, boneless skinless rotisserie chicken breast, cilantro sprigs
One of several varieties of beans to make the list, red beans offer protein and fiber (more than 5 grams per serving!). Kidney beans are also rich in Resistant Starch; a 1/2-cup serving packs nearly 2 grams of this slimming carb.
I made up this dish years ago, and it still remains a family favorite. It’s a fast and healthy weeknight meal, but the fresh mushrooms and sherry make it special enough for a weekend dinner party. —Lise Prestine of South Bend, Indiana
Ingredients: Low-sodium soy sauce, fresh lime juice, olive oil, fish sauce, curry powder, grated fresh ginger, turmeric, garlic, chicken tenders, honey, seasoned rice vinegar, crushed red pepper flakes, English cucumber, unsalted peanuts, cilantro, lime wedges (for serving), cooked rice (optional)
Oleic acid, a compound in avocados’ healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), may trigger your body to actually quiet hunger. Stick to a quarter or a half of an avocado and watch that belly fat melt away. The creamy fruit is also packed with fiber and protein.
The hospital has four specialized critical care units, including a neonatal ICU. The main campus also is home to the first designated Level I trauma center for pediatrics in Texas, demonstrating our commitment to the highest level of care for children as well as our dedication to research, advocacy and education.
The program began three years later, in 2008, with $40 million from Gordon Brown’s Labour government. It set up 35 clinics covering about a fifth of England and trained 1,000 working therapists, social workers, graduates in psychology and others. The program has continued to expand through three governments, both ideologically left and right leaning, with a current budget of about $500 million that is expected to double over the coming few years.
Here’s a recipe that’s sure to be a hit at your next cookout. It’s quick and easy and is made with ingredients you’re likely to already have on hand. For a variation, consider substituting pineapple juice for the orange juice, or lime juice for the lemon. Paired with any classic side—potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans—and you’ve got backyard perfection.
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Seriously though, that pan sauce… And I can’t lie. If you sprinkled some Monterey jack cheese over the skillet pineapple BBQ chicken before broiling, it would be like a BBQ chicken pizza minus the crust. 
This 15-minute recipe is wonderfully simple and sure to become a weeknight staple. To cut down on prep time and keep cleanup to a minimum, use kitchen shears to easily chop tomatoes while they’re still in the can.