“machine to make zucchini spaghetti”

Serve a grown-up version of the kid-friendly favorite. This meaty sandwich its mild heat from Worcestershire and the liquid from pickled jalapeños. If you’re serving younger palates, reduce or omit the juice and stick with the more traditional version. Toast hamburger buns before adding the meat mixture, and serve with a side of potato wedges or a green salad.
I made these cookies last night and they are the BEST cookies I have ever made. They turned out just perfect crunchy edge with a chewy middle and were not flat. Thank you for the tips, they really helped! This will now be a regular recipe in my house!
Lovers of Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine will adore these lamb meatballs, which feature dates, pine nuts, cilantro, couscous, and ground lamb. Harissa, a spicy red pepper paste, is the perfect finish.
These are wonderful cookies. So wonderful, my next door neighbor with whom I gifted some, sent me, by mail, a thank you card wherein he extolled my virtues as a superior chocolate cookie baker. He could have simply Morse Coded a “Thanks!” on the wall we share.
Dotted with cranberries, orange peel and vanilla chips, these cookies are so colorful and fun to eat. They look lovely on a dessert tray and would be a great addition to your Christmas cookie lineup. —Pat Habiger, Spearville, Kansas
“Hey, these are good!” is the surprised remark I hear when I bake these for the family. As simple as it may seem, all I do is follow directions. This works exceptionally well when it comes to making cookies. —Ian Badeer, Hickman, Nebraska
PRO TIP: This sugar cookie recipe has a mild flavoring. For a strong flavor, double the amount of almond extract. The extra 1/4 teaspoon of almond extract may seem like a small amount, but it provides a strong flavor.
I get a great deal of satisfaction making and giving time-tested yuletide treats like these soft, chewy cookies. Dipping them in white chocolate makes great gingersnaps even more special. —Laura Kimball, West Jordan, Utah
As well as helping you decide what to cook we can also help you to cook it. From tips on cookery techniques to facts and information about health and nutrition, we’ve a wealth of foodie know how for you to explore.
I’m a busy mother of two young children. I work in our school office and help my husband on our hog and cattle farm. When I find time to bake a treat, I like it to be special. The creamy filling gives traditional peanut butter cookies a new twist. —Debbie Kokes, Tabor, South Dakota
BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever made. And believe me, I’ve experimented with everything from cookbook recipes to the back of chocolate chip bags. Soft, chewy, buttery, 5-star taste. I used 62% cacao chunks and cut them down to one cup and the cookies were PERFECT. Thanks so much for sharing!
I added a whole onion minced and added all ingrediants for the sauce with one whole sliced carrott on low while hambuer was cooking with garlic salt and pepper. Then mixed together and put over the rice. Topped it with fresh chives from the garden. Amazing recipe and the whole family loved it! Thank you for the idea.
Very good recipe, quick & easy too. I added a bag of mixed veggies to the recipe & it as a huge hit with the picky eaters I have around here. Will be adding this to the rotation without a doubt. Love the flavor and simplicity of the dish, I’m sure it would be good with other meat as well.