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[…] to prove a point. There are a million and one banana bread recipes, just like there are a million chocolate chip cookie recipes. Most people have a “go-to” recipe for these kind of classic kitchen favorites. And for […]
For these Vietnamese-style grilled-beef rolls (bo la lot), Andrew Zimmern wraps flavorful ground sirloin in briny grape leaves and serves them with a sweet, spicy, tangy dipping sauce. Traditionally, they are made with the betel leaf, which is also delicious and can be found at some Asian markets.
This brownie cookie recipe is all of the good parts of a brownie- crackly crust, fudgy middles, chewy edges, & intense chocolate flavor -in one easy, homemade cookie recipe. One of the best cookie recipes around!
Many of our cookie recipes can be made in advance, with pre-scooping or rolling and cutting, making later baking a breeze. There’s no need to thaw cookie dough from the freezer — simply pop them onto a baking sheet and bake at the regular temperature, adding on a couple minutes in bake time as needed.
Did you use tomato sauce or a pasta sauce? From the description above, you mentioned a basic garlic tomato sauce and a finishing sauce. Were these purchased separately? This looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing and I will definitely make this soon!
The sesame almond zoodle bowl is the perfect vehicle for this amazing sauce.  Peanut sauce has been one of my favorite dipping and drizzling sauces for everything from low carb egg rolls to an overflowing bowl of stir fry veggies. Sadly, I’ve recently begun reducing my peanut intake. I’ve been focusing on more recipes that incorporate keto friendly nuts and nut butters like cashews and almonds and I have fallen in love!Swapping traditional peanut butter with almond butter for this sweet …
These is what I read when looking: As a substitute for untoasted sesame oil, most light oils will work (light olive, peanut, canola, sunflower, etc). Any nut or seed oil should be pretty close. Toasted sesame oil has a much bolder and nuttier flavor. Hope that helps! XOXO
Cookies, brownies, and bars are always crowd-pleasers—and great handmade gifts for friends and family during the holidays or for other special occasions. We love cookie recipes with a special Southern twist: Red Velvet Thumbprints, Cornmeal Thumbprints with Tomato Jam, Tea Cakes, and Swoon Pies (our take on Moon Pies). But, we crave classics like chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, or white chocolate chip cookies just as much. Get really creative—not to mention decadent—with brownie and bar recipes like Pecan Pie Bars, Bayou Brownies, Mudslide Brownies, Death by Caramel Bars, and Kitchen Sink Brownies (which have a little of everything but the sink in them). During the holidays, try our cookie, bar, and brownie spins on favorite holiday flavors: Glazed Fruitcake Bars, Layered Eggnog Blondies, Coconut Snowballs, Chocolate Peppermint Crackle, and Pecan Pralines. With so many recipes to choose from, you can fill your cookie jar year-round. Keep ice cream in the freezer, and you’ll always have an easy answer when somebody asks, “What’s for dessert?”
Eat for a sharper mind with these healthy dinner recipes to boost brain power. Adding omega-3-rich ingredients, such as oily fish, to your diet, as well as iron-rich foods, such as beans, and water-rich foods, such as leafy salad greens, can support healthy cognitive function. Try one of our healthy salmon recipes or hearty bean recipes tonight for a brain-boosting dinner.
Dish up a protein-packed meatless meal with this ravioli skillet that gets a flavor boost from a lower-calorie wild mushroom filling. Shortcut ingredients like refrigerated pasta and store-bought sauce provide the flavors of lasagna without the wait time.
For most of my recipes here on this site, I would probably suggest using at least a 6 quart slow cooker.  If I were to pick one out for your family, I used to think that I would first suggest the Instant Pot because it has so many other features that you can take advantage of, like pressure cooking, steaming and more!  It’s generic name is actually a multi-cooker, but… slow cooking is supposed to be one of its many great options.  But…. I’ve since found that the slow cooker button, doesn’t work too well.  The inner stainless steal pot of an Instant Pot does not cook in the same way as the ceramic ones that the slow cookers have.  There’s definitely a place in my house for both though.  I’ve found that on days that I forget to start my slow cooker, my Instant Pot saves the day time and time again.
On more than one busy weeknight, you’ve found yourself thanking the genius who invented the beloved plate of pasta. Boil a pot of water, simmer some sauce, and presto! A complete meal in minutes. But you can make it even better with a few add-ins.
I found this recipe a few weeks ago, while frantically needing something quick and delicious to make for my four children. Needless to say this was a huge hit in my home! My son that is a very finicky eater –absolutely loved this he asked for seconds (something that I can count on one hand how many times he has done on his 8 years of existence)! My 10 year old daughter requests it at least twice a (she would have this daily if I allowed it). My other two sons (6 and almost 3 years old) gobble it up with joy and remind me to get the ingredients for it when we visit the grocery store. Last night my Mom was over for dinner and she frequently praised how delicious this meal is. This recipe has truly been a Godsend in my life I love how quickly it can be prepared and I appreciate the fact that I can do something other than spaghetti, burgers and the ‘usual’ ground beef meals. Thank you for sharing this savory mouth watering meal!
Comfort your tummy with this dreamy bake of chicken, cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup, sour cream and tender egg noodles. Cracker crumbs sauteed in butter makes a deliciously crunchy topping.
If you’re looking for a dead-simple dish for dinner (or a snack), you can’t do much better than this Italian classic made with garlic and olive oil. Just cook garlic—and red pepper flakes, if you’d like—in the oil, then add cooked pasta and a little pasta-cooking liquid, stirring vigorously to emulsify the oil and starchy water. Don’t forget one last drizzle of oil for brighter flavor before serving.
Place meatballs on a rack coated with cooking spray in a 15x10x1-in. baking pan. Bake 18-22 minutes or until lightly browned and cooked through. If desired, serve with pasta and pasta sauce. Yield: 8 servings.
Using hands, squeeze milk from breadcrumbs, reserving milk. Add breadcrumbs to meat mixture. Using hands, quickly and gently mix meat mixture just until all ingredients are evenly combined (do not overmix). Chill mixture at least 15 minutes and up to 1 hour.
I don’t care what I do or how many times I throw this together, I always—always wind up with 25 meatballs. And I’m always searching for the hidden significance in that number. What does it all mean? Why don’t I ever wind up with 24 meatballs, or 26?
A no oil oven “fry” method and lean chicken means that these crispy, delicious taquitos are clean and easy to prepare and can be consumed with far less guilt than the traditional fried variety. Another great choice for game day or any old night of the week. My boys love these!
Hiya i made your batter to the perfect measurements and popped in the fridge left in for about 40mins as is a hot day then put the cookies into the oven….5mins later the batter was running everywhere! Was so disapointed! 🙁
If you don’t have a food processor, you’ll want to bang up the crumbs some other way so that they’re powdery. Get the butter to room temperature, and beat it with the sugars, then the egg. Add the dry ingredients and mix just to combine. Roll it right away, just as you would in the main recipe; you’ll need a little longer to get it firm, but probably just 5 extra minutes. This recipe is from Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites by Deb Perelman.
Hi Kelly, It’s great to know these meatballs fueled a bunch of really strong guys…such a demanding sport and fun to watch! Thanks for the awesome feedback and for mentioning your tweaks. They sound perfect and I’m glad they’re on the menu again!
May I please have the flourless monster cookie recipe? Also, do you recommend any specific gluten free flour mixes if needing to sub for a recipe that calls for flour? I’ve tried a few but haven’t found one I’ve loved. Thanks!
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the only comments that should be posted are the ones of people who have actually tried making this recipe. I want to read what their thoughts are after making it, and how they like it, I do not need to see a bunch of useless comments about how good the food looks,
For a last-minute sweet treat for a potluck or classroom parties, you can’t beat these delicate bars. Just takes a few moment, the master cookie mix and four other ingredients and you’ll have bars ready to pop in the oven.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen