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Check for ripeness by gently pressing the outside of the avocado. If there is no give, the avocado is not ripe yet and will not taste good. If there is a little give, the avocado is ripe. If there is a lot of give, the avocado may be past ripe and not good. In this case, taste test first before using.
Hi, Christine. Sorry this recipe didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. This recipe is supposed to make 5 standard sized cupcakes. These cupcakes are quite dense, but yours were probably especially heavy since the batter was only spread between 3 muffin cups. I have received over 20 positive reviews on this recipe, and I personally have made it multiple times so I am confident that it is correct as it is written. Regardless, it’s still a bummer when you take the time to make something and it doesn’t turn out, so I apologize for that. Thanks for your feedback!
Our cupcake recipes range from easy, one-bowl cupcakes to elaborately decorated and include: vanilla cupcakes, snickerdoodle cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes, blondie cupcakes, coconut cupcakes, and vegan. 
7. Bake for 12 -14 minutes at 350 °F or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.  My oven takes 14 minutes. Let them cool in the pan for a couple minutes, then remove. Note: if baking mini cupcakes, bake 10 minutes.
I couldn’t say who loves this recipe best, because every time I serve it, it gets raves! Occasionally I even get a phone call or email from a friend requesting the recipe, and it’s certainly a favorite for my grown children and 15 grandchildren. —Maryalice Wood, Langley, British Columbia
CHANGE IT UP: This guacamole is perfect as is, but if tomatoes are in season, try adding in chopped ripe, red, seeded tomatoes. If you want to get crazy, try garnishing your guac with crumbled cotijah or feta cheese, chopped chipotle peppers in adobo sauce or sun-dried tomatoes, and/or toasted slivered almonds or pepitas.
Unbelievably rich and creamy, this easy vegan Alfredo is bound to become a favorite. Be sure check the ingredient list on your unsweetened almond milk, as some contain vanilla flavoring even if they aren’t labeled as such. For this recipe, you’ll want almond milk without any vanilla.
Freeze option: Before adding sour cream, cool chicken and spinach mixture. Freeze in freezer containers. To use, partially thaw in refrigerator overnight. Heat through slowly in a covered skillet until a thermometer inserted in chicken reads 165°, stirring occasionally. Stir in sour cream. Yield: 6 servings.
Michele – Your blog is just wonderful! I just noticed all the pumpkin recipes! Also, I am waiting for my ice cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid from Amazon any day now. My college kids and their friends will think I am the bomb. Thanks so much for sharing so many good things!
You need to wake up Veronica! I wonder if you’re one of many insensitive US surbanites who have no clue what other parts of the world really live on day to day basis. I am ashamed of you. Naming a cupcake or drink after events that hurt and destroy the lives of others is heartless to say the LEAST.
“This was so good!!!! Made as directed except I used a medium white onion instead of shallots (couldn’t find in the grocery store) and fresh garlic minced (a heaping soup spoon). Used chicken broth and a bit more seasoning than amount directed. Loved it!!! The thighs are so tender!!!”
This is a solid base recipe that serves as a jumping off point for many others. Like my basic vanilla cupcake recipe, these chocolate cupcakes hold a sacred spot in my baking repertoire. There will never be a reason to find a better version– this is THE chocolate cupcake recipe I use time and time again.
This basic cake batter makes a tasty vanilla cupcake or can serve as the base for citrus, caramel, and mocha latte cupcake flavors. We like these cupcakes spread with rich Vanilla Buttercream on top. Serve them in decorative liners, such as these colorful fluted flower cups from bakeitpretty.com.
I have mine marinating right now and I used chicken quarters. Because the sugar in the honey ,I am not going to cook it at that very high heat. I am wanting the chicken to be moist and almost fall off the bone tender, so do I cook it low and covered in the oven
“Great recipe. This is how I taught my son to make guacamole, except we leave out the mayo. We also use either Sea salt or Kosher salt. Fresh cilantro is great, but dried can be used if necessary. Again wonderful.”
This meal in a bowl takes its morning cue from soft-boiled eggs and a dollop of yogurt, and then goes savory with toasty cumin-scented farro and a creamy avocado. It’s also perfectly portioned for two. Boil the farro like pasta—in plenty of water that you’ll drain off—to cut the cook time in half. Toasting the farro in a little oil is a great way to revive any leftover cooked whole grains. Whole-milk Greek yogurt has a cool, luxurious mouthfeel that brings all the elements together. It also has more protein than reduced- or nonfat yogurt. Add Blistered Tomatoes with Kale on top for a final touch of veg.
Lastly, the frosting recipe.  This may be my favorite frosting ever.  It’s incredibly creamy, smooth, and just ridiculously good.  The frosting recipe will make quite a bit, so if you like less frosting on your cupcakes feel free to cut the recipe in half.  Or just eat the leftover frosting with a spoon.  Not that I’ve ever done that or anything.
Add lime juice then use a fork to gently mash until creamy, but still chunky. Stir in the tomato, cilantro, cumin, de-flamed onions, salt and diced peppers (if using). Taste the guacamole and adjust with additional salt, peppers, or lime juice.
These cupcakes were phenomenal!!! My boys ate these up so fast! I will triple the recipe for my birthday cake! Because let’s face it, nobody’s gonna make moms birthday cake for her 😂 Thanks so much!!!
 Add half the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and whisk until just combined. Add the milk, and whisk until just combined. Add the remaining dry ingredients and whisk until combined (being careful not to overmix).
I’m Heidi – This site celebrates cooking, and aspires to help you integrate the power of lots of vegetables and whole foods into your everyday meals. The recipes you’ll find here are vegetarian, often vegan, written with the home cook in mind.
Dessert is individual molten chocolate cakes. They’re simple and elegant, and they bake in under 10 minutes in a standard muffin pan. The best part about these little beauties is that the cake batter is extremely forgiving: You can make it up to six hours before you plan to serve the cakes. Fill the pans with batter and refrigerate, but remember to remove the pan far enough in advance of baking to let the batter return to room temperature.
Instant coffee intensifies the chocolate richness of these cupcakes and dense cream cheese frosting adds creamy texture and an indulgent topping. Chocolate lovers can rest assured that these cupcakes pack all of the decadent flavors of chocolate, but using calorie-saving ingredients like fat-free buttermilk, egg substitute, and fat-free cream cheese. If you’re hosting a holiday or birthday party, top them off with themed candies or sprinkles. For thicker frosting, cover and chill for 10 minutes before spreading on the cupcakes. Refrigerate frosted cupcakes overnight; cover lightly with plastic wrap, or store them in an airtight container.
The other day I took my fiancé to our local and most favourite pastry place – Chocolate Brunette and I had the best cupcakes in the world.But they weren’t the classic chocolate cupcakes , they were whole chocolate without the paper thing surrounding the cake. My fiancé was like “When are you going to make something like this?” And I then I decided it’s time to try it. So, I found your website and I think I’m ready to make some now! I’ll try all 10 recipes! But I think I’ll start with the dark chocolate ones.
This black bean soup is easy to make in a single pot and takes just 35 minutes from start to finish. Top the protein-packed meal-in-a-bowl with a homemade salsa made with cilantro, lime juice, chopped onions, and charred jalapenos, which lend a deep, smoky flavor.
Hi, Caitlin!! This recipe was soo delicious. I couldn’t find the vegan beef boullion you used so I substituted it with the no chik’n boullion cubes. It was equally amazing. The spiciness gave it an extra kick too. Thanks for sharing this incredible recipe!
Line 16 a muffin tray with cupcake cases.. Evenly distribute the purple batter among the cups, then the blue, and so on, following the order shown. As you go, gently spread each layer of batter with the back of a spoon to cover the color underneath.