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Our baking family comes together every Tuesday at 11am on our YouTube channel to watch cake artist Yolanda Gampp make just about anything out of cake. This website is the ultimate destination to find recipes, supply lists, and tools to help you make all of the mind-blowing cakes you’ve seen Yo create on YouTube!
You can make the cakes as big as you’d like, but this size is great for a not-so-overwhelming treat and perfect for our Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches. Keep in that hot oil is critical to a crispy funnel cake, so use a candy thermometer to monitor and maintain the oil’s temperature.
While the original, non-dairy version of this recipe calls for water as the liquid, feel free to substitute milk, for a slightly richer cake. Or try cold coffee, for a mocha version; or even 3/4 cup water mixed with 1/4 cup rum, for an “adults only” cake!
Yummy!!! I just made homemade cinnamon rolls on New Years Day for the first time. I had a grandma that was an absolute wonderful baker so I was a little apprehensive to make them. I did though and my family loved them. My husband loves anything cinnamon so I will definitely try your cake recipe
Tip: For chocolate cakes, use cocoa powder instead of flour to coat the pan. Cocoa powder prevents sticking and enhances the cake’s flavor, and traces of it won’t be obvious after the cake is turned out of the pan.
First of all, you may be wondering who the heck “Sweet Paul” is, in which case we’re going wag our fingers at you. Because honestly, if you love food and all things holy, you need to familiarize yourself with Sweet Paul. This is a man to know and love, as you’ll see in the video below. Paul Lowe, the brains behind Sweet Paul, is a champion of gorgeous recipes, charm, and DIY inventiveness — he’s basically the male, warm-and-fuzzy version of Martha Stewart (without the crazy Twitter account and terrible food photos), whose home you’d never want to leave if you were lucky enough to be invited.
A friend at work has requested a white cake with white frosting with chocolate chips in the cake for her birthday. Do you think I could just mix the chocolate chips with the flour (so they don’t sink) with this recipe and have it still turn out as good? I cannot find a white cake recipe that includes chocolate chips.
I agree with petit_josephine. This version will never taste as rich and stodgy as a classic lasagne but what a fabulous healthy version it is. We are a big fan of Angela Nilsen’s healthy takes on classics and this one didn’t let you down. Even my carb loving husband approved! We will definitely have this again.
Coat baking dish with cooking spray and spread the bottom with 2 cups sauce. Top with a layer of three noodles, then a third of the ricotta mixture (about 1 1/3 cups), and a third of the spinach (about 2/3 cup). Sprinkle with 1 cup grated mozzarella.
Three classic flavors blend to form the perfect fall-inspired cupcake. A chocolate cookie crust and chocolate cheesecake are topped with a spiced chai topping for a guaranteed show-stopping cupcake for Thanksgiving or any other time of the year.
The cake reminds me of my grandmother, because it was one of her specialties. I bake it often for family parties, and it always brings back fond memories. The cake is light and airy with a delicious chocolate taste. This recipe is a keeper! —Patricia Kreitz, Richland, Pennsylvania
A signature Southern dessert, the Hummingbird Cake has been a favorite of our readers for almost 40 years. We gathered our best Hummingbird Cake recipes, all of which put a special spin on the sweet pineapple-banana-cream cheese combination. 
this reminds me of a Finnish cake (Ellen Svinhufvudin kakku) I had at Helsinki’s Vanha Kauppahalli almost 3 years ago. It is flourless and hence, sponge-less but it has an unforgettable coffee+almond taste with lovely meringue and buttercream layers covered in toasted almonds.
1 Put pasta water on to boil: Put a large pot of salted water (1 Tbsp salt for every 2 quarts of water) on the stovetop on high heat. It can take a while for a large pot of water to come to a boil (this will be your pasta water), so prepare the sauce in the next steps while the water is heating.
I’m so thankful this does NOT have cream cheese in it. It is so tiring to see cream cheese added to everything. It is just more fat and calories along with a funky taste. Plus, I have seen people stop attending events because of allergies to cream cheese. Adding cream cheese to foods, savory or sweet, is not “fancying” them up; it is making them deadly. I’m so thankful for this recipe just as it is. It is perfect!!
No Cook or Instant Noodles can be used without pre-boiling (check the packet instructions first). You can assemble as normal. To ensure the pasta has enough liquid to cook through while the lasagna is baking, we normally add about 1/2 cup of water to our sauce when using INSTANT.
Hello! I prefer to use milk and vinegar because buttermilk makes the cake too moist. Self-rising flour is the best for this recipe. Thanks so much for your interest in my recipe. Please come back and let me know how you liked the recipe. 🙂
You can make the sauce in advance and freeze it for several months. I just freeze sauce in gallon sized freezer bags. You can also freeze in plastic storage containers. If just using the fridge, I wouldn’t make it more than 3 days in advance because of the meat.
In a small saucepan over low heat, melt the butter. Stir in milk and vanilla and continue to heat until small bubbles form around the outside of the pan and the mixture is very hot but not boiling. Reduce heat to low.
We’re sorry to hear that this recipe didn’t give you the result you were looking for, Patty and thanks for letting us know. If you’re looking for a lighter, fluffier vanilla cake, our recipe for Tender White Cake (found in the recipe section of our website) may be just the ticket. Kindly, [email protected]
White cakes are ideal for experimenting with different fillings and frosting. In the photos a traditional white buttercream was used which consists of simply butter, powdered sugar, and almond extract. Lemon curd and raspberry jam make excellent fillings, but feel free to experiment with your own ideas and personal taste preferences.
This was so good! I had to make a few changes. I only had about half the amount of fresh mushrooms, so I drained a can of mushrooms (reserved the juice) and tossed them in. I also didn’t have chicken stock, so I used beef, with the juice from the mushrooms. I also like a creamed gravy, so towards the end, I stirred some milk in and cooked until it thickened up.
Yes It will, Rachel I wanted to ask about the shortening, but you answered it here. I had a customer that got SOOOO heated at me because they ask for a white cake and i had put butter in it for flavor and it had a slight yellow tint to it ans they were beyond angry, so I was looking at this cake and it looks fluffy and amazing the type of texture i am looking for in a white cake because most of them are so dry, and I believe that is from the cake flour. I would like to know about srf, because that is what we use in the south, and will that be okay or not? I have have been reading all the comments as well and I see that you suggest carton egg whites are best, I’m sorry i just think i over looked the brand that you used, sorry if i did I truly apologize. Thank you again and If i find a White cake with no yellow tint at all that is moist and fluffy I will let you know!
Did You Know? All pork chops come from the pork loin, which can be broken down into four major sections. From the pork loin we get pork shoulder chops, pork rib chops, center-cut pork loin chops, boneless pork chops, and sirloin chops. Click here for more info on each of these cuts!
I am giving this a 4 even though I have not made it yet, I sounds just like my generations old Italian family recipe. I do have a question about the review below: Am I missing something regarding review below about being way too sweet? I see no mention of carrots, sugar or any sweetener in the sauce or filling.
HI Michael! I’ve updated the recipe notes to include those options. I would use Instant if you can find them to avoid pre boiling them, but it depends on what you can find. Either works really well in this!
Well, I let it cook longer because I did reduce the temp to 325 at about halfway and probably shouldn’t have. It’s for hubby’s birthday, so we haven’t cut into it, but I can tell you it doesn’t look like yours, lol! I’ll make a note to use the 350 all the way through, thanks.
3. Check your pan. If it is a heavy pan you may need to wrap it to keep it cool. The heat will distribute more evenly with this method. Use brown wrapping paper, two sheets and wrap the pan with this, tie it on with string. This will help to keep the heat from baking the outside of the cake before the heat transmits to the center. We always did this for heavy fruit cakes at home!