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“I have a hard time getting excited by beef,” Kristin Kimball confesses. “We do a lot of ground meat, and I get tired of coming up with new ideas for it.” This luscious potpie—with its buttery cheddar crust and filling mixed with parsnips, carrots and peas—would be a perfect addition to her repertoire.
The korean Ground beef rice bowl Recipe is 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 like bomb im glad i tried it and decided to make it for sunday dinner and we fell in love with first bite… Thanks a ton #thiswillbeapartofmydinnermenuatleastonceeverytwoweeks
It is hard to improve on a classic, but these cookies certainly are delicious. You can indulge in these white chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies for a fresh twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie. Using oats and pecans also gives this cookie a spin on the white chocolate-macadamia nut combo. You will love the little bit of chewiness these cookies get from the oats, while some coarsely chopped, crunchy pecans balance out the white chocolate chips’ sweetness. These cookies certainly are melt-in-your-mouth good. Their five-star rating tells you how beloved these sweet treats are. Bake a batch or two today.
Weeknight meals can’t get much easier than this. Simply dredge turkey or chicken cutlets in a flour mixture, and cook it for a few minutes until done. Serve this with a white wine reduction that will bring the right combination of subtle sweetness and deep, earthy undertones. The extra secret to this recipe is a little Cajun seasoning that adds just a touch of heat to the scaloppine. Complete the meal with a just-as-easy side—sautéed zucchini. This meal is simply Southern—meaning that it is fried goodness—but the turkey keeps it lean, meaning that you keep it on your dinner table.
I have made these several different ways, along with different ingredients, as filler to extent, without taking away from ease of cooking, or flavor. I like to spice things up a bit. I have used chili sauce along with pepper jelly, they were wonderful, and have used grape jelly along with Sriracha, if you like a little more heat. I would caution on the amount of Sriacha that you would use, maybe half chili sauce and half Sriracha, to tone down the heat. Just some suggestions, enjoy
OMG!!! Extremely easy I used a different cut of meat as I could not find the flank steak in my local market. Any semi fatty thin cut steak will work with this recipe guaranteed! Absolutely a family favorite. I have a 5 year old and 6 year old that are skeptical on green things in their food and they hammered this dish like they were getting paid to do it! 🙂 thumbs up!
This miso salmon is a light and flavorful way to add more seafood and healthy fats into your diet! The salmon fillets are marinated in sake, white wine, and miso for two days before cooking. This saturates the fish with a wonderful flavor.You can leave the skin on, or remove the skin too. It’s really up to you, but crispy salmon skin can be a wonderful treat.This recipe goes great with a side salad, or you can make some seafood tacos using our keto tortillas. I made some zoodles and …
Now, down to the details… the thin sliced beef – dredged in corn starch and browned over high heat is epic! I often see where oven baked potatoes are dusted with corn starch in order to extend a crispy texture and with this thin sliced beef – wow! And of course, it doubles as a thickening agent. I also used the entire scallion, not just the green part. Yum!!!
May I please have the flourless monster cookie recipe? Also, do you recommend any specific gluten free flour mixes if needing to sub for a recipe that calls for flour? I’ve tried a few but haven’t found one I’ve loved. Thanks!
Unsalted butter will make cookies flat… I made chocolate chip cookies over the holidays…. one recipe I used regular soft stick butter and second time I did unsalted butter… one batch was fluffy.. and the unsalted ones came out flat… did the unsalted ones because my husband recently had a heart attack..
The traditional version of this beloved Roman dish is made with eggs, cheese, and cured pork, making it an unlikely candidate for veganizing, to say the least. Yet this easy take on carbonara manages to be meat-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and still absolutely delicious. We do it by replacing the pork with meaty king oyster mushrooms; mimicking the egg-rich sauce with a combination of silken tofu, miso paste, and nutritional yeast; and replicating the lactic tang of the pecorino with a surprise ingredient—sauerkraut brine.
“Hey, these are good!” is the surprised remark I hear when I bake these for the family. As simple as it may seem, all I do is follow directions. This works exceptionally well when it comes to making cookies. —Ian Badeer, Hickman, Nebraska
I’m going to try this for dinner. But I will be adding nutmeg due to my meatballs being frozen. And I will also be adding sour cream and mushrooms. That’s what my grandmother use to do with hers.But there is three of us and we all like a lot of sauce. If i double your recipe will that be way to much sauce and not enough noodles?
I used this recipe and added cinnamon, all spice, and nutmeg for extra flavor and added 2 more teaspoons of vanilla and it really amped it up!! Thank you for the wonderful recipe it turned out amazing!
This casserole is super-flavorful, thanks to the turkey kielbasa, and packed with fiber, at 15 grams per serving (more than half the suggested daily intake!). Leftovers can be frozen for up to 1 month.
Having a great ground beef go-to as a base means that you can have a lot of recipes ready to go. This means your quick-fix dinners are always just minutes away from being on the table, and delicious dinners are fresh out of the oven. This seven-ingredient beefy mixture completes the first step of many recipes, including Spaghetti With Meat Sauce, Sloppy Joes, and Easy Beef and Macaroni. The other great thing about the Savory Meat Base is that it freezes well, so you can make several batches and always have some on-hand and in the pan in an instant. Simple to make, it mixes ground beef, marinara sauce, garlic, and more, and tastes fantastic any way you serve it.
Tia no longer lives 7 blocks from me; since Tia isn’t around to make me cookies anymore, I’ve had to find a recipe that would rival hers in greatness. Well folks, after years of making this recipe, it’s time declare a new winner. This is literally the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever; it is even better than a Tia Cookie!
Most awesome meatblls ever! I have never been a fan of meatblls because they generally tend to be too heavy. These are moist, flavorful, tender, quick & easy…and the lst meatball recipe I’ll ever use! These are incredible! I did not adjust the salt and fiund them to be perfect
I get a great deal of satisfaction making and giving time-tested yuletide treats like these soft, chewy cookies. Dipping them in white chocolate makes great gingersnaps even more special. —Laura Kimball, West Jordan, Utah
Nothing says summer in the South quite like peaches, and of course we think everything goes better with bacon, so the Bacon, Peach, and Basil Burgers are a fresh-off-the-fire sensation. We recommend ground sirloin here because it’s lean, which causes fewer flare-ups on the grill. Chopped pickled jalapeños and their juice ramp up the flavor, while bacon, and tangy-sweet chutney balance the heat. Soft and creamy goat cheese, an unexpected addition, adds just the right amount of smooth flavor to these amazingly balanced burgers.
These brownies are literally filled with the delicious tastes of rich, melted chocolate. Some of the chunks from this recipe go in whole, while others are melted down in advance. It’s the chocolate chunks that make these brownies fudgy. They’re also packed with chopped, toasted hazelnuts or pecans.  Use the 23-minute baking time to make them extra gooey. Let them cool and dust them with powdered sugar. Then, you’re ready to bite into these decadent delights. In the words of one online reviewer, “I have finally found a go-to brownie recipe.” Everyone needs a go-to brownie recipe, so follow her lead and let this one be yours.
You’ll probably want a whole plate of these to ward off frostbite: think of them as what you have when your day doesn’t include any chance of going out in the snow. Instead, in this recipe, just a touch of peppermint extract adds the perfect amount of frosty flavor to the white chocolate icing, creating a melt-in-your-mouth favorite. The “frost” here comes from dipping one side of these crunchy creations in a white chocolate frosting. When the topping hardens, it creates a cookie that looks as beautiful as it tastes. You’d better settle in next to the fire with a plate of these and warm up.
I have been using this recipe for several months. Today I will just broil the meatballs for use in a variety of sauces. I have no idea how that will work out, but I have high hopes. I like the idea of having these on hand & frozen for those busy days when I know there is no time to cook. Thanks for such a great and easy recipe!
Penne arrabbiata is a great year-round pasta dish—it can be made with fresh tomatoes during the summer, but this time of year, canned ones will yield delicious results. “Arrabbiata” is Italian for “angry,” and we like to embrace that fieriness by adding lots of red pepper flakes (or fresh red chilies, if we have them). We also finish cooking the pasta in the sauce, ensuring that each piece is evenly coated.
 I am making this today also your cheese bread recipe so easy and tastes like takeout. This is my pantry meal so I am using what I have. I added jalep. peppers, roasted red and orange peppers from earlier this week and used some italian pasta I snagged at dollar tree last month. I am thinking this would make a great mexican pasta dish if you take out the basil and add a chiptole pepper in adobo sauce maybe some smoked paprika, chili powder and cumin if you wish. 
Hi Ann, I made these tonight & they were a hit. I did not have Panko bread crumbs so I substituted Town House crackers that I crushed with a rolling pin. I used my convection oven so they browned very nicely on a foil lined sprayed cookie sheet. Thank you!
If you like the taste of pecan pie, you will love this easy alternative. A flour, sugar, and butter mixture makes a simple crust. Top that with the pecan mixture, and bake this until it is golden brown and bubbly. Not only will you love the smell of the pecans as they cook, but you will love the special sweetness the honey adds to the brown sugar-based filling. Let this cool completely before you slice this into single servings. Serve the squares with vanilla ice cream for an over-the-top dessert.