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I made your recipe for Christmas dinner this year and it was wonderful! The only thing I left out were the fennel seeds, only because I forgot to buy them. I’m not sure how much that changed the taste of the recipe but my family loved it! Being able to prepare it and then cook the next day was a godsend. My son will be 28 this week and he requested I make this for his birthday dinner. Thank you for sharing a wonderful recipe!
This recipe is written for three 9-inch A three tiered cake produces the ideal cake to frosting ratio. A 9-inch pan is a standard size. 8-inch and 10-inch pans will require adjustments to the recipe.
One of my favourite standby meals for pork, these Oven Baked Pork Chops are slathered in a tasty country-style rub using ingredients I bet you have in your pantry, then baked until golden and sticky. Add some baked potatoes, and you’ve got a fabulous one tray meal.
This cake can develop hard sides if your oven runs a bit hot, your pans are dark, or you’ve greased the sides of the pans. Insulating your baking pans with cake strips will prevent this. If your cake does develop hard sides, wrap it well and let it rest overnight before serving.
If your cake is coarse, you most likely did not mix the batter enough. If mixing more does not resolve the problem, it could be because the oven temperature was too low, or too much baking power or soda was used.
These were pretty much amazing!! Had planned on grilling the large pack of chops won at a local meat raffle, but the rain prevented that – so I happened upon this recipe and decided to give it a go. Followed it to a “T” – easiest and best tasting chops ever.  Thank you!
When the cake is completely cold you can start to decorate. If you are not using it straight away wrap the cake tightly and store at room temperature for up to 2 days, refrigerator for up to 5 days, or frozen for up to 2 months.
I realize this is coming waaaayyyy after your post, but I had to share my gluten-free sanity saver: “Jovial” brand pasta!!! And yes, they DO make a fabulous lasagna noodle! (And even a genuine egg noodle yumm). Some chain grocery stores sell this brand, but it can be hard to find. I just make friends with the store managers and they order it if they can get it from their distributers. You can look them up at jovialfoods.com to learn more about their mission and their products. Have to say, I can cook this stuff up and even my gluten eaters rarely notice any difference. The lasagna is such a treat, and it freezes beautifully, just like the regular variety. Hope you can find it, and enjoy!
Add a “crumb coat” by spreading a very thin layer of frosting over the sides and top of the cake. This initial coat doesn’t need to look perfect — it’s merely a way to keep the crumbs out of the finishing layer of frosting.
A pet peeve of mine is when you share a great recipe and someone makes all kinds of changes, then complains that it wasn’t good. Create your own recipe instead of ruining someone else’s. This white cake recipe sounds wonderful just the way it is!
Serve the pork chops with potatoes and a side vegetable for a tasty everyday meal. Bone-in chops offer the most flavor but feel free to use boneless in the recipe. Country-style ribs are another excellent option. If the chops or ribs are quite thick, adjust the cooking time accordingly.
C hocolate-glazed hazelnut mousse cake, frozen passion fruit meringue cake, spiced pumpkin cheesecake with caramel-bourbon sauce. We can think of few words in the English language more enticing than these? From summery layer cakes filled with berries and Mascarpone to rich, decadent confections for the holiday table, cakes commemorate nearly all of life’s special occasions and holidays; birthdays, christenings, showers, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day. But they’re just as welcome any day of the calendar; a quick Bundt or sheet cake is guaranteed to get your family excited for dessert.
“Similar to my moms cake but we used i think quarter cup mayo, and no canola oil or coffee, and raisins , try it 😉 not salad dressing, real or low fat mayo , she preferred hellmans, raisins optional 😉 ill have to try the coffee ;)”
Your family and guests will love these flavorful pork chops with a crunchy almond topping. It’s simple to make and highly flavorful. Lemons, sugar snap peas, and garlic make it perfect for summer, and the spices make a chop so flavorful that you won’t even need to marinate it prior to cooking. If you plan on serving it alongside a salad, double the vinaigrette recipe and use it to compliment the flavors found in the pork, quinoa, and snap beans. For perfectly fluffy quinoa, make sure that after simmering it, you let it stand, covered, to steam. After 10 minutes, fluff it with a fork.
These look awesome Kristyn! I didn’t start cooking pork chops till just recently either. I’ll have to give these a try. If you haven’t tried ranch crock pot pork chops, you really should. They are easy and so yummy!. http://www.creationsbykara.com/2012/05/ranch-crock-pot-pork-chops.html
As a kid I have two very strong pre-made ingredient memories, Shake ‘n bake pork chops and Chicken Tonight. Someone PLEASE back me up in the comments, do you guys remember Chicken Tonight? “I feel like Chicken tonight! Like Chicken Tonight!” PS, it still EXISTS, I don’t know if you still have to do the chicken dance though.
A little trick I picked up from a commercial baker when wanting really white buttercream is to add a tinge (like on the end of a toothpick tinge) of purple or mauve food colouring. That offsets the cream and whitens frosting.
So I just put the chops in the oven. But I’m wondering if the time will dry them out. I have 1 in thick chops and after cooking them in the pan they look like they are nearly done. Will come back later with my result.
Yay, I’m so glad it turned out and you liked it! Isn’t it great when everything is packaged just right at the store?! I bet the ricotta was yummy in there! Thank you for letting me know and trying the recipe!:)
Many people are saying it’s soupy or watery. I wonder if it depends on the percentage of the cottage cheese and sour cream. The light and no fat tend to be more watery in general. I plan on making this soon!! It looks great!