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Great flavors! Easy to make. Next time I will remember to check the salmon every five minutes as I probably overcooked it by five minutes, but it still turned out flaky and delicious. The lemon-garlic-butter is so tasty!
Made this tonight for Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s dinner. Awesome taste and easy prep. I used heavy cream as I had it, definitely the wine and added a pinch of red pepper flakes per other comments. Served it over cauliflower rice as I am watching carbs. Simply delicious!!
These healthy fats have been shown to be a natural aid to weight loss. A 2001 study, for instance, found that people eating a MUFA-rich diet lost an average of nine pounds, while their counterparts on a low-fat diet gained six, on average.
Fresh herbs and lemon make a bright, tasty topper for succulent shrimp. Fish and shellfish are excellent sources of protein for fewer calories than most meat. Paired with spinach and rice pilaf, this weeknight-friendly main comes together in just 15 minutes.
Tip: Don’t peel the skin; that’s where most of the fiber-goodness is found. If you’re looking for a hot meal, lightly spray the outsides of the bread with olive oil spray and press in a pan to make a grilled panini.
Bring the water to a boil in a large saucepan. Add the quinoa, stir once, and return to a boil. Cook uncovered, over medium heat for 12 minutes. Strain and rinse well with cold water, shaking the sieve well to remove all moisture.
Fantastic as always.. Hubby and I truly enjoy so many of your dishes.. Thank you so much for sharing them with everyone.. Anyone that is looking for something new.. try one of Karina’s meals.. You will not be sorry..
Fabulous!! My first savory recipe from your website and it was a hit with hubs and both kids (3 & 7)! We aren’t vegan so I used chicken stock instead of water and butter for the spread. We love nutritional yeast and added more when serving. I went with coconut milk and kale. Doubled it but next time I’ll triple or quadruple. 🙂
Spooned into small bowls to eat alongside the rest of the meal, citrus salads act as bright accents to rich curries in Myanmar. If you can find Meyer lemons, use a mix of grapefruit and Meyer lemons for a less bitter and more floral bite.
Sweet Potato and Caramelized Onion Hash with Baked EggsYou can prep the hash the night before you serve this dish in individual ramekins. Just top each one with a fried egg and bake for a quick and easy breakfast.
This classic casserole often straddles the line between side and dessert (indeed, we’ve enjoyed the leftovers both ways). We dial down the sugar to steer the dish back to savory territory, and add a crunchy oat and nut topper for texture. A final drizzle of maple syrup just before serving gives the casserole a lovely sheen. While we call for a ricer in our master mashed potatoes, a potato masher is perfectly acceptable here since the spuds will be bound with an egg, topped, and baked. Chopped almonds or walnuts would be a delicious sub for the pecans.
Fact: Peeling and deveining shrimp (often called P&D) removed about half the weight, so a 26–30 P&D shrimp is larger than a 26–30 unpeeled. As a general rule, use small or medium shrimp in salads, fillings, and stir-fries, and large ones for kebabs and peel-and-eat meals.
Warm up with a simmering batch of Cajun-spiced sweet potato stew. Each bowlful is overflowing with protein-loaded chicken and red beans, and flavored with tender sweet potatoes and lightly spicy green chiles.
Yes! I’m gonna change the wording to avoid confusion. Usually when I hear two or more people talk about the same thing being slightly off, I know it needs a change! But yes, I mean cook them in two batches, not to use an entire pan for two measly of shrimp. Shrimp’s great and all but not that special! 😉 What a waste of time!
Looking for recipes to use quinoa and I stumbled upon this one. We tried it here at home and it is very good!! We as in myself and my husband 😉 I was happy he enjoyed it too! Thanks for a delicious and healthy repeat recipe!! Yum you have to try it.
Fry the onion in the butter remaining in the skillet. Pour in the white wine (if using), and allow to reduce to half, while scraping any bits off of the bottom of the pan. Add the sun dried tomatoes and fry for 1-2 minutes to release their flavours.
You can burn up to 300 extra calories every day just by eating the right foods. Watch the video to learn how to put together a chicken recipe that burns fat and calories, helping you to slim down faster. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to make!
Delicious-looking recipe – I definitely plan to make it. However, I will substitute Coconut Cream for the Half and Half to make it a little healthier. I have to go to a local International Market to find it or go online to purchase it.
“I love this recipe for a tasty way to serve quinoa as a side. I also will stir in leftover chicken or a can of chunk chicken to make a satisfying lunch to take to work. Thanks for this easy and satisfying recipe!”
If you are a fan of Indian-flavored dishes, you’ll love this take on sweet potatoes. A range of exotic but easily accessible spices add a big flavor punch while still keeping things simple enough to make. Chickpeas add a nice dose of filling protein, and quinoa could even be subbed in for jasmine rice to add even more.
I made this tonight for dinner. It was stupendous. The only thing I did differently was add the Italian herbs just as the spinach started to wilt and blended them in so the sauce could take advantage of their flavors. (I also did not top with the parsley – not a parsley fan, I’m afraid, although it does help with the garlic breath!) My honey said “this is great – I feel like I am eating in a great restaurant! And to be honest, he would never order something like this. Cheese Ravioli with a marinara sauce is about as wild as he ever gets. I could have left out the cornstarch or thinned the sauce a bit, but it was decadent and flavorful and just lovely. I served it over fresh (store-bought) fettuccini which was just perfect to hold the sauce. Yum yum yum yum.
1. Preheat oven to 450˚F. Line rimmed baking sheet with silpat or foil. If you don’t line the dish, you will later regret it as you scrub the pan fiercely for a day and a half (speaking from experience).
This was fantastic and easy. As suggested, I added a shallot with the garlic and I cut back on the cheese and butter (2 tablespoons of butter and 1/4 cup of parmesan flakes). I made it in a large pan but would suggest making it in a pot so you have more room to stir everything. I forgot the basil but didn’t miss it and used more lemon zest, about the zest of a full lemon. It was fast and delicious.
I have never attempted sweet and sour chicken before and this was absolutely amazing! I changed a few things like adding in pineapple chunks rather than the red and green bell peppers and I doubled the sauce. My family LOVED it, the best homemade sweet and sour chicken I have ever had! Thank you so much for this amazing recipe (:
This hearty meal is the ultimate comfort food, perfect for cool nights or holidays—but it’s anything but boring. The lamb, couscous, and chickpeas give it a Moroccan feel and thanks to cumin, curry, and peanut oil, it has a kick too.
Are prawns and shrimps the same thing or are they different? Basically, I think they’re the same but one of my friends was arguing that they’re similar but definitely not the same thing and they differ in size.
“This was so good! I’ve been trying to find one dish recipes that can also feed baby and this was perfect! I was almost too lazy to make the breadcrumbs but I’m so glad I did because it was simple and and so worth it! I also used a bit of cauliflower because I had it and it was good in there too. I think I’m going to make this again and bring it to Easter! It’s a perfect healthier version of a classic!” – Stephanie
This delicious soup has only half the cholesterol, a fourth of the fat and half the calories of the original recipe from Mildred Fasig of Stephens City, Virginia . Best of all, our entire taste panel agreed that this makeover has an even richer and creamier texture and taste!

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