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The theme of the shower is healthy snacks, and I know Sonja and Alex will approve of guacamole. There’s no funny business in this guac—no mayo or sour cream or mashed peas. Just avocado, onion, cilantro, jalapeño, lime, salt, and one special ingredient that you’ll read about below. Read on for the recipe, guacamole tips (like I said, I take guac seriously), and links to more healthy snacks.
Hello Lindsay I made these cupcake this weekend, and the cupcakes were great, but I was a little concern with the shine to describe how they came out is rubbery and sticky, just the top part of the cupcake. My question is did I do something wrong? The recipe called for hot water was I supposed to use room temperature water. The cupcake was good, and the Icing came out great . Can you advise me if I need to make changes
Wow. I made both the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes – both topped with the vanilla buttercream. I am a not an experienced baker and everyone was asking what bakery they came from! Beautiful and delicious! Thank you!
Sorry to hear that. This recipe has received plenty of good reviews and I personally have tested and retested it over a dozen times with success. Small batch recipes can be tricky because of the small quantity of ingredients. Thanks for stopping by!
I have made another one pot vegan jambalaya in the past, but my family said hands-down this one was much better!! This is a keeper. Loved it. I also added some beans and other veggies (since I had them), but it would be fantastic as it is. Thank you!
These Moist Vanilla Cupcakes are super easy to make and so moist – for days! They are my new favorite vanilla cupcake! I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’d be bringing you some new basic favorites and I started with a chocolate cake. Today, we are talk
You have to try this vanilla cupcake recipe! This is the first cupcake recipe I’ve Ever! I’ve posted muffins but not a true cupcake. I guess I’ve been waiting to discover this. My sister Alla introduced me to this recipe. She’s made it several times and each time it was perfect (naturally, if I eat at least 3 cupcakes, I request the recipe).
It’s granulated sugar in the cupcake and powdered sugar in the frosting. I’m not sure about the cake. I wouldn’t normally recommend baking one large cake and then cutting it into layers. You could bake a couple layers and then torte those.
Wow! Finally the perfect seasoning. I just made this tonight and felt the need to leave a comment. It is absolutely delicious. I followed directions, however I sprinkled a little seasoning under the chicken skin and still had seasoning left over to sprinkle on some roasted veggies. I will keep this seasoning mix in my kitchen!
LOL! Well, I’m thrilled that you liked this! Funny how it’s natural to want to flip it over, but, they aren’t going to crisp up as much if you do! Less work, that’s why this is one of my favorites. 🙂
I makes this all the time but I love some heat so a chopped serrano does the trick…I did not know the pit would help it keep the color until serving time thanks for the tip. The best thing about making this recipe is you can add a little or a lot of what you like to get the flavor you want. I like mine spicy with extra lime just. =)
Made this dish tonight for dinner…. OMG the flavor was amazing. The seasoning mixture was perfect. I will season all my chicken this way from now on. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe. And my oven is still clean didn’t have any issues like others, idk what they did wrong. Thanks alot for adding another great recipe to my cook book.

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