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We love adding some diced tomato, but we always deseed it first. If you don’t do this, the tomato seeds and juices add too much moisture. We usually pick up a “plum” or “Roma” tomato for guacamole since it already has fewer seeds than others.
Even so, my favorite easy guacamole recipe is something we make almost every week when avocados are ripe and in season. We dollop guacamole on top of salads and Mexican favorites. We serve it with cocktails and chips on Friday afternoon. We even make our easy guacamole recipe with breakfast scrambles and warm tortillas on the weekends.
Top tender apple cupcakes with a sweet and crunchy topping of brown sugar and almonds, then drizzle with a powdered sugar glaze. The amaretto adds an even more distinct almond flavor to the cupcakes, but if you don’t have it, you can use almond extract instead.
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Amazing, over-the-top cupcakes have been popular for years but my Crazy Cupcakes are a real game changer! Why bake a whole cake and slice it up when you can have little handheld cupcakes, piled high with frosting, filled with unique flavors. I am 100% on the Crazy Cupcakes train and I am taking it all the way with this master recipe for Crazy Cupcakes! Just like my Crazy Cookie Dough and Crazy Dough Recipes, this recipe for Crazy Cupcakes is one easy recipe with endless possibilities.
2 days ago by frommybowl While I think many of us would love to make all of our meals and snacks from scratch, let’s be real – sometimes life gets too busy! Also, some days I’m just feeling lazy AF and can’t be bothered to cook ‍That’s why I like to keep a stash of yummy “bars” on hand – like  @eatbobos ! The Maple Pecan () and Coconut flavors are my favorites – but Banana Chocolate Chip is pretty high up there too To make these even more amazing,  @eatbobos  is now PALM OIL FREE and made with Organic Coconut Oil instead of Vegan Butter
Give a classic French bistro recipe a wallet-friendly spin by swapping the pricey rabbit for inexpensive chicken thighs. Braise the chicken in a rich and creamy sauce until tender, then serve over Melissa d’Arabian’s buttery noodles.
Aromatic rosemary and thyme transport your tastebuds straight to the hills of Provence, France in this succulent, one-pan chicken recipe. To shorten cooking time, cook chicken and vegetables at the same time in separate pans. Remove vegetables after 30 minutes and keep warm. Cook the chicken five minutes longer and serve.
The first time I made this particular version was several years ago. It was a beautiful 70 degree Sunday afternoon. I decided we should have a little picnic in the backyard. I threw together these chicken thighs and made some fresh tortillas (admittedly I use the cook and serve variety when I’m feeling lazy). I kicked back in my lounge chair with an IBC cream soda and a plate of this chicken and a couple tortillas. After that is all a blur of gluttony. The meat was moist and flavorful, the skin…oh the skin!….it was crisp and packed a punch of flavor. How could 5 minutes of prep work lead to such heavenly food? I found myself using that tortilla to soak up any last ounce of flavor. I’ve made these many, many time since and every time I’m met with glutenous joy.
I had to make a few substitutions since I didn’t have th exact ingredients and I was surprised at how good this turned out! I used maple syrup in place of the agave nectar and tomato sauce instead of the paste….I was worried there wouldn’t be enough sauce but it perfectly coated everything and tasted so good!
It works well with other sides I have served with it mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes , broccoli , fries and rice . Just depends the occasion and who you are serving it too. My son loves broccoli and fries .
The tiramisu and pumpkin are calling me!! And I totally agree with you…most specialty cupcake places aren’t worth what they charge. Much better to make them at home. Can’t wait to try these!!! Thank you!
To be fair to your style, I don’t dislike it–when well made, it’s pretty darn addictive. But I find it makes other kinds of dips and sauces redundant, rather than complementing them, as I think a guac should do.
These were delicious. We made funfetti cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting. The kids helped with every step and they turned out perfect! Perfect texture and crumb. Perfect rise. Yummy flavor. Mmmmmm! Really good. We will definitely be making these again! Thank you, Gemma. Happy they fry the chips in rice bran oil. Used to be soy oil. Fry chips at 350° for 25-30 seconds, shaking or storing chips the whole time so they don’t stick, let drain til not dripping and transfer to a large bowl. Squeeze fresh lime onto chips as soon as they come out of the oil and salt liberally with kosher salt and toss to evenly coat. Enjoy!
Tangy honey mustard and sweet-tart apples work perfectly in this easy chicken dish. Be sure to use apples that are good for cooking, such as Cortlands — they are resistant to browning and bring a tart, bright flavor.
Aww, thanks Monaliza, I am so humbled to hear how much you love my recipes and that it is a hit with your son! I can’t thank you enough for telling me that. Comments like this is my motivation to keep working hard. Thanks for being a subscriber.
One serving contains more iron than 3 ounces of steak—even more reason to enjoy them between the bun, like in these 20-minute burgers below. Try using half of a spare whole-grain hamburger bun in place of the bread slice. These burgers also work with any other canned bean variety. Pile it high with red onion, creamy avocado, and a juicy tomato slice.
Apple and caramel are simple ingredients, but when combined they form a delectable treat. Top off these cupcakes with toasted pecans to create a traditional fall favorite. We love to add the tiny crab apples as a garnish for extra-special occasions.
Bloggers Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley mix quinoa with grated cauliflower, salty halloumi cheese and chickpea flour to make crisp, fluffy little balls to serve as an hors d’oeuvre or with tomato sauce as a main course. Soaking the quinoa overnight before cooking makes it more digestible.
I just made this for dinner tonight because my carnivore husband and I are attempting a 3x/wk vegetarian diet (environmental and health being the main drivers, but also because I want to raise my kid with better eating habits than her dad!). My daughter LOVED it. She’s 21mths and picked the pasta off her plate (never does this — loves pasta normally) and ate FOUR meatballs (which we call plantballs). It’s going in the rotation for sure. Tomorrow, I will make your corn fritters.
Oh my gosh, this is so delicious! I had bone-in skin-on thighs and only bottled lime juice and taco seasoning mix, but these are so yummy and I can’t wait to make the meat into chicken tacos tonight (it’s currently just 7:30am but I always have to plan ahead)! Thank you for helping me make an easy meal with what I had on hand!
Traditional molcajetes use weighted mashing to release additional flavors and oils that lie dormant after traditional chopping.  Applying that concept to our recipe will provide all the enhancing the avocado needs, but no mortar and pestle is needed!  (See here for our molcajete guacamole.)
I made this recipe for a heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s Day. It was the BEST cake I’ve ever had! My family LOVED it! I also made the frosting and it was delicious. I then added marshmallow fluff to it to make it “my own” and it was delicious, too. Thank you for my new favorite cake recipe. No more box cakes for me!
The water temperature isn’t important. I’d initially specified hot water, but tested things and it doesn’t make a difference. I always like things best when they are fresh, so I’d say 2-3 days is best.
Q4. Hi Angela, First of all I am such a huge fan of your recipes! I have your first cookbook and the app and delight in making a TON of your recipes. My personal faves though would have to be your Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheeze (and I have tried a lot of vegan mac and cheeses), Soul-Soothing African Peanut Stew (The Oh She Glows Cookbook, p.129) and Double-Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake (The Oh She Glows Cookbook, p.249)! I’m wondering if you could share the cookware you use? Stainless steel (like All-Clad), cast iron skillet, non-stick, baking dishes, etc.? Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated!
I have mine marinating right now and I used chicken quarters. Because the sugar in the honey ,I am not going to cook it at that very high heat. I am wanting the chicken to be moist and almost fall off the bone tender, so do I cook it low and covered in the oven
Yay! I am so happy to hear that you liked these. And thank you for sharing your substitutions in case anyone else is interested in doing the same. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Birthday to your little one. 🙂
This one-dish vegetarian main hits all the right notes: warm, hearty, and (perhaps best of all) ready in under 30 minutes. If Indian curries seem out of reach, start here. Earthy and fragrant, Madras curry powder is the only spice you need. While you could incorporate several vegetables into the curry, we find that the sweet potato, cauliflower, and tomato combo creates the perfect balance. For a richer, creamier curry, stir in about 1/4 cup light coconut milk just as the curry finishes cooking. If you’d like a little heat, stir in 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper with the curry powder.
Is the total baking time 25 minutes or 45 minutes? The * is throwing me off because it says 10 minutes then flip for another 10 minutes but that would only be 20 minutes. So I’m assuming its 25 skin up, then 10 min skin down, then another 10 skin up for a total of 45 min?
Cream cheese and peppermint candies yield a mildly sweet, tangy frosting that complements the rich, chocolaty cupcakes. Great for the holidays, the peppermint candy topping is seasonal, minty fresh, and make for a beautiful presentation. You can also go ahead and mix the candies directly into the frosting to infuse the cream cheese icing with that fresh minty flavor. The cupcakes maintain a light, airy texture but also pack an indulgent, chocolate flavor. Nobody will suspect that these cupcakes are low in fat as the texture is still moist and full of flavor.
Everyone raves about how sweet the sauce is for these slow-cooked chicken thighs. They’re such a breeze because they simmer away while you do other things. They’re ideal appetizers, but you can also add your favorite side for a nice meal. —Kim Puckett, Reagan, Tennessee
There’s a dinner coming up at my place and i want to use this recipe to make a layer cake. But I have made cakes using oil based recipes before and the texture turns out really crumbly and messes up the frosting. Does this recipe also gives out a crumbly result? Does it hold well to being frosted?
During my undergrad years, my roommate taught me how to cook vegetarian dishes like brown rice with pintos. It’s so versatile; you can turn it into a wrap or casserole. —Natalie Van Apeldoorn, Vancouver, British Columbia

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