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This recipe is all about how to take premium ground beef, flavor it with subtle herbs and spices, and create a delicious dish. These Spiced Beef Kabobs are delicately seasoned with cumin, coriander, allspice, parsley, and cilantro, then hand-formed on skewers. Grilled to golden-brown perfection, the ground beef remains moist and juicy, to be complemented by creamy toppings like our Yogurt-Tahini Sauce. Serve this zesty beef warm pita bread and a tangy herb salad.
I live in Alaska and have TONs of moose burger. I am always looking for new recipes to use ground moose burger. Came across this one yesterday and tried it last night, it was AMAZING! I doubled the sauce and cooked my sweet onion and shredded carrots in a separate frying pan w sesame oil and half the sauce (I like them softer and needed to give them more time) then poured the veggies onto my cooked meat and added the rest of the sauce. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. I used pretty much the exact amount of brown sugar (a tad less) and the reduced sodium soy sauce. Thanks so much! I just know this is going to be a new favorite!!
Made half of the amount and still got 16 quite big cookies, but it took over 20 minutes before they even started to feel firm when lightly touched. I never know when I should get these cookies out of the oven because this time I waited too long and they’re now crisp, but they do taste really good 🙂
Here’s one of those no-fuss gnocchi recipes you can toss together and cook in one skillet. Ideal for a busy weeknight, it’s also good with crumbled Italian chicken sausage if you need to please meat lovers. —Julianne Meyers, Hinesville, Georgia
This was a delicious and simple recipe, thank you. Since I made a few modifications based on what I had in the house, I was pleasantly surprised. 🙂 I don’t like mushrooms, so I skipped them. I only had dehydrated onion and soy sauce, not worcestershire, but the flavor was still delicious. Oh, and it was served over brown rice instead of noodles. My husband requested that it be added to our dinner rotation.
Tacos are a great go-to weeknight meal, and these fantastic tacos make family dinners easy. We’ll have you mixing up your own simple taco seasoning—these tacos get their flavor from cumin and chili powder without the additional sodium often found in packaged seasoning mixes—and you’ll love the full, rich flavor of it with your ground beef. For these skillet tacos, we suggest you cover them with Cheddar cheese and cilantro, making every bite a cheesy, gooey, delicious sensation. Then, top off your crunchy tacos with any of our delicious toppings: try shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, salsa, or sour cream—or even better, just pile them all on.
Enjoy these drumsticks with their zesty-sweet sauce at little more than 300 calories per pair. Bonus: Drumsticks are one of the least expensive parts of the chicken, so this recipe is as friendly to your wallet as it is your waistline.
I made this yesterday for my family and guests. They absolutely loved it! Made sticky sushi rice, added a little dried ginger (diced) to the meat when browning it, and added a little sesame oil to the meat when it was done browning, just to keep it from tasting dry.
Cook once, eat twice with these dinners that make enough for lunch—and can be even tastier—the next day. The leftovers keep well in the fridge overnight, then just pack up and reheat at work, school or home.
I haven’t doubled or tripled this recipe, so I can’t speak to how well it will scale. I usually make this recipe with my 5 quart Kitchenaid mixer. Whipping the eggs in step 3 adds a lot of volume, and my mixer couldn’t accommodate 2-3 batches of this cookie. I can tell you that you won’t want to double or triple the baking time. You’ll still bake the cookies like normal, you will just be baking more batches. Hope that helps, and good luck!
Things I loved about this recipe: it’s a true one pot, it’s very easy and inexpensive, and full of garlic and spinach. Things I disliked: my cooking time was the same as the recipe did require more liquid, I used more chicken stock. It lacked oomph in flavor. The basil should be added with the spinach not in the beginning of cooking as written- my basil was dull in flavor and color. I’ll make this again but add basil with the spinach and other tweaks like add some wine or another flavor booster- capers, seafood, artichokes, etc. the magazine offers the twist if adding shrimp, which would be good.
Hi Bold Bakers! I’m Gemma Stafford, a professional chef originally from Ireland, and I’m passionate about sharing my years of experience to show you how to make game-changing baking recipes with over-the-top results! Join more than 1 Million other Bold Bakers in the community for new video recipes every week!
Although this ground-meat curry is often made with lamb, we’ve found that the distinctive combination of spices tastes just as good with beef. Serve the thick, chili-like keema with warm naan (Indian flatbread), if available, or pita.
Hi Kelley, I want to make your recipe for a bridal shower of 30 women. Do you think doubling the recipe would be enough? I wanted to triple it but I think my crock pot is too small. If doubled, how much time do they need to cook? More than 4 hours?
Preparing an avocado can be a slippery, messy task. Follow the simple steps in this video to simplify working with the fruit—and get you a step closer to that guacamole. If you’re dealing with a rock hard avocado, place it in a brown paper bag with a banana, which can hasten ripening.
The sauce in this recipe is so good that we were all licking our plates clean, and the amount was perfect to allow for seepage down into the rice that accompanied our meal. A funny side note about this sauce is that I actually based it on a recipe I originally developed for my cookbook. That Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli I was attempting way back when tasted great, but I couldn’t get the texture of the beef to my liking using the crock pot. So I ended up scrapping the recipe but, hoarded that I am, fortunately still had the sauce ingredients and proportions hanging out in the deep, dark recesses of my computer files. 😉
Melissa D’Arabian gives us her version of the ultimate meat and potatoes dish. She cooks ground beef in bacon fat to ensure all the meaty flavors come through a layer of cheesy, garlic-y mashed potatoes.
No, pasta isn’t off limits — no ifs, ands or buts about it. These delicious recipes, from slow cooker lasagna to veggie lo mein, are all under 500 calories. Even better, they’re loaded with good-for-you ingredients. Mangia!
Rave Review: “This recipe was fun to make and even better to share with my honey. The creamy sauce is absolutely to die for! It’s one of my top 10 favorites. I can’t wait to make it again.” – MiCoAmazing
When you want an easy dinner that tastes like it came from your favorite Japanese restaurant, look no further than quick-cooking salmon. Sauteed in a mirin-based sauce with bell peppers, the fish is ready for its noodle bed in minutes.
How many times have you made mashed potatoes just so you’ll have leftovers for shepherd’s pie? Using potato tots instead not only saves you time but makes for a crispy topping that’s a nice contrast to the beef filling.

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  1. Out of all my beef stew meat recipes, this one is my favorite. Here’s a good old-fashioned stew with rich beef gravy that lets the flavor of the potatoes and carrots come through. This is the perfect hearty dish for a blustery winter day. —Alberta McKay, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
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    Pockets of caramel goo are the highlight of these showy bar cookies. After making the batter— packed with chopped chocolate-coated caramel-peanut nougat bars and uncooked regular oats—this decadent dish gets topped with dulce de leche. This dish takes around an hour to cook, and even longer to cool, but let it cool completely before slicing it into bars. If you would like to create an even more over-the-top dessert, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle it with caramel sauce just before serving. You will find the bars rich and delicious on their own.
    Any kind of flour should work as it is just a thickener, but you could also use some cornstarch (possibly in lesser quantities, not sure about that part, did not do any research). Also check your Worcestershire sauce ingredients as some of them have wheat and some do not. There are some non-dairy yogurt options on the market, not sure about sour cream, but I think those often have soy products which she probably should not be eating either. I’ve heard of people making these types of things by blending up raw cashews, so you could try looking into that option. I’m not dairy-free and have not personally tried it, but Google will probably give you more info than you ever wanted to know!

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