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My family enjoys meat loaf, but sometimes I can’t spare the hour or more it takes to bake in the traditional shape. A quick alternative is to divide the meat mixture into muffin cups for individual servings that are ready in less than 30 minutes. —Sue Gronholz, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
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Good texture and flavor, but far too salty for my liking. 2 1/4 tsps salt combined with 3 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce (which also is salty and has anchovies) is too much. I would cut by half next time. Also, I found 1/2 cup of Ketchup excessive.
I really love how I can mix a few ingredients (that I usually have on hand) together and put in one loaf pan and bake. Plus, meatloaf has so much protein and is low carb so it makes a great dinner for the family. This particular recipe is even gluten free!
This classic Jamaican stew combines traditional spices—curry, thyme, allspice, and red pepper—ushering you to the island in spirit. Add jalapeño-style corn bread and pineapple sorbet for a simple weeknight supper.
Susan Courtney: PLEASE! Are ALL your friends and you giving reviews? I haven’t made the recipe, however, MOST ALWAYS IN REVIEWS , someone gives some additional, beneficial idea’s to made it a more personal dish. The recipe looks delicious BUT ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF THE POTATOES AND GREEN BEAN RECIPES!!!!!! WHY IS THAT???? January 3, 2018 at 1:59pm Reply
Of course it’s not the healthiest thing to eat at McDonalds but, if a burger and fries is really what you’re craving, you can always get the cheeseburger kids meal with fries and apple slices for just 430 calories instead of the 1,000 calorie Big Mac Extra Value Meal.
Panko breadcrumbs create tender texture in this beef meatloaf while buttermilk adds tang to the mashed potatoes without adding fat. Panko is sold in many international aisles; regular breadcrumbs can be swapped in. Serve this updated diner special with green beans for the ultimate comfort-food dinner.
That’s what I did for my kids growing up! Made a paste of the onion, then when they asked if there was any onion in it, I would reply, “Do you see and onion?” they would say “No.” and eat every bite on their plate. This is a good way to disguise veggies in different dishes, especially casseroles or gravy!
Everyone has a meatloaf recipe, it is a family staple. This is my new favorite–BEST. Meatloaf. EVER. Husband agreed this is the best one we’ve ever tasted. Followed the recipe, but topped it with tomato-chile gravy. Served with mashed cauliflower and potatoes and a green salad. Couldn’t want a better meal than this. Give this meatloaf recipe a try–you’ll be amazed!
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Use a baking pan with at LEAST one inch high sides (my pan is almost 2 inch tall sides). You can see in the pan the sauce gets up pretty high while bubbling, you don’t want it to boil over into the oven.
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Amid the Paleo diet craze, you can also even buy bone broth these days, such as at a broth shop where people sip bone broth rather than coffee or at certain gourmet grocery stores. Or you can buy bone broth supplements, where you want to make sure they are properly sourced (without antibiotics, for example). Nonetheless, the best bone broth is often made at home.
Just made this for dinner!!! Wow!!! It tastes too good for something that was so easy to make. I used 5 chicken thighs and the drums too. I separated the drums from the thighs so they cook well. I used red wine vinegar and baked it in the oven for 25′. Will be definitely making this again. Thank you for a great recipe!!!
Pre-packaged bacon has an impressive shelf life, but not once it’s opened. While it’s best to freeze uncooked bacon, the slices can be tightly wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in a ziploc bag for up to a week. The same storage technique should also be applied to fresh bacon purchased directly from the butcher.
From the sound of it, you might think leaky gut only affects the digestive system, but in reality it can affect more. Because Leaky Gut is so common, and such an enigma, I’m offering a free webinar on all things leaky gut. Click here to learn more about the webinar.
^ World Health Organization (2005). Promoting Mental Health: Concepts, Emerging evidence, Practice: A report of the World Health Organization, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse in collaboration with the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation and the University of Melbourne. World Health Organization. Geneva.
In order to protect your health, I advise spending 90 percent of your food budget on whole foods, and only 10 percent on processed foods. Choosing from the list below is a very good start to feeding your family right.
Chicken thighs are much more moist and tender than chicken breasts (although you can check out the recipe notes for how to swap them in!). And when it comes to added flavor, a handful of roasted, salted cashews works wonders to balance out the tangy sweetness of the fresh pineapple, while also lending a bit of crunch to every bite.
Tomato, Bacon, and Cheddar Pie is made with chopped bacon in the crust, a cornmeal and creamy Cheddar base, and layers of vibrant, colorful tomatoes. We’ve used everything from purple to red to yellow tomatoes in this homemade tomato pie recipe.
It is important that you like the base recipe, this Oven Baked Chicken Breast in this case, before adding it to other recipes. You want the chicken to be moist and not dry and be seasoned to your taste but not overly seasoned if you are going to be using it in other recipes.
Pesto and tomatoes: They’re just better together. Whip up this easy baked chicken if you’re pressed for time on weeknights. At 28.5 grams of protein and 236 calories, it will quash your hunger without derailing your diet. Photo and recipe: Gina / Skinnytaste
Texas Health Resources is committed to transparent public reporting of third-party quality and safety data. And we’re fulfilling that promise by making available the many clinical outcome reports linked below. We’re willing to be transparent and accountable — and willing to make improvements based on the data.
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Season both sides of the chicken breasts with salt, pepper, paprika and 1/2 tsp of the garlic powder. Use a sharp knife to cut a slice through the middle of the chicken breasts, but not all the way through, creating a pocket for the filling.
Eggs should keep a consistent and low temperature. This is best achieved by placing their carton in the center of your fridge. The eggs should also remain in their original packaging to avoid the absorption of strong odors.
Note: The flavor of 85 percent lean ground beef is good, but 90 percent lean would be fine, too. Baking the meatloaf in a specialty meatloaf pan or on a rack will help drain away some of the excess fat. If you don’t have either, you can make a free-form loaf on a foil-lined rimmed baking sheet or ​9-by-13-by-2-inch baking pan.
I am a pathetic cook. that’s just a fact. I made this the other night but I am wondering if anyone can tell me how I can get to the brown sugar mix to stick better to the chicken breast? it was good but I know it would have been better if I could have gotten that brown sugar mix to stick better. And I know it’s not the recipe, it’s me!
YES! I love grated carrot or zucchini as well…hate the bell peppers in it though..takes away too much of the good taste.. I will be making this Saturday for family and grand kids..I will also be using my own tomato sauce/spices, topping..cuz some don’t like ketchup. Thank you so much for the recipe!!!
That’s pretty cool you have the recipe with quick oats… my grandmother had this recipe handed down to her and she always made it with oatmeal basically the same exact way but with a quarter or so of the meat being Italian sausage… It is also basically the same recipe I use for some stuffed bell peppers it’s great
On the wintry Copenhagen streets, children, young adults and older people are all on bikes, with parents and their children on cargo bikes (a quarter of families in Copenhagen own one). It may look as though Copenhageners crave the outdoors, get a kick out of exercise, want to be fit and healthy, but no. It’s none of the above, say the city authorities. It’s just the easiest way to get anywhere.
 Your family will love this Parmesan cheese and herb-coated chicken. Serve it plain with vegetables and potatoes or rice or add a marinara sauce and melt some Mozzarella cheese over the chicken and serve it with spaghetti. 
Resveratrol, the famed antioxidant found in grape skin, stops fat storage. Studies show that moderate wine drinkers have narrower waists and less belly fat than liquor drinkers. Downing a glass can boost your calorie burn for a good 90 minutes.

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