“lemon water is it good for you”

Looks Amazing! this year for Christmas I am making lasagna. I took out my late sisters Infamous lasagna recipe and the ingredients are exactly the same as this world famous lasagna. growing up Italian and in New York we couldn’t go out and play on Saturday mornings until after we helped our dad make the sauce meatballs and macaroni for Sunday’s meal. I’m so looking forward to making this recipe.
Not a review, a question (but I’m giving it 4 stars in anticipation). I’ve made the sauce today and plan to assemble and bake the lasagna on the weekend. Should the sauce be reheated before assembling? In all other respects I’m making the recipe exactly as written.
This looks and sounds delish! I am planning to make this for Christmas’s dinner. Do you think i would be able to make meat sauce in the crockpot ? Or do you suggest to stick with the regular stove top. If the crockpot how long would you suggest?
To assemble, spread about 1 cup of meat sauce in the bottom of the prepared pan. Place 4 noodles on top. Spread with ⅓ of the ricotta cheese mixture. Top with ¼ of mozzarella cheese slices. Spoon 1½ cups meat sauce over mozzarella, then sprinkle with ¼ cup parmesan cheese. Repeat layering two more times to create three complete layers. To finish, place a final layer of pasta, topped with another 1 cup of meat sauce to cover the pasta. Top with remaining mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Cover loosely with aluminum foil.
“Took a HUGE chance and made this for the first time for our Christmas dinner and it was wonderful!!! It looked intimidating with such a long list of ingredients but it went seamlessly. I was also afraid it had too much cheese in it but I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) change a thing. A keeper for sure!!”
Hello Danai! Yes! Thanks for reminding me to add that. If you go back to the recipe and look immediately above the word “instructions” you will see that it now says “US Customary” and “metric.” If you hit “metric” it will show you the ingredients in metric. I hope this helps you and works for you! Please let me know. Thank you!
I also tried the second time using vanilla instead of almond (because the event I was taking it to had people attending who had nut allergies) and was still beautifully white and tasty! I think next time I’ll try mixing a little vanilla and almond extract to see what kind of flavor I end up with. Thank you for sharing this terrific cake with us!
For more great tips and ideas, watch the video below where I walk you through every step of this recipe in The Stay At Home Chef Cooking Show. Sometimes it helps to have a visual and we’ve always got you covered.
I used to loathe buying the branded box that’s soooo expensive just for bread crumbs and some flavoring ingredients. Plus, the fact that one envelope is never enough to coat 4 chops and two of them would be too much – only to have to waste it. When I was a kid (back when they had Chicken Delights’ – LOL – still am a kid), Shake ‘n Bake portions were almost twice the size containing enough in each envelope to get everything coated.
Hi Vanessa, thank you so much for the kind words! I am so glad you found it, made it, and liked it. And if it passes the husband/children test, all the better. 🙂 Thanks again and take care, I appreciate your support!
This cake can develop hard sides if your oven runs a bit hot, your pans are dark, or you’ve greased the sides of the pans. Insulating your baking pans with cake strips will prevent this. If your cake does develop hard sides, wrap it well and let it rest overnight before serving.
I just made this recipe to make a batch of cupcakes. I followed the directions to a T. I’m sorry to say they aren’t great. More like a muffin than cake. Very dense and a number of them exploded. I topped them with a chocolate frosting that I’ve made before and they just don’t work. Sorry
I used a simple flavoring in my frosting. I just cut open a Vanilla tide pod, emptied the liquid contents into the frosting, threw away the solids and the frosted the cake. The result was to die for! I hope this helps!
Top a showstopping crown of Mascarpone Frosting with swirls of Apple Cider Caramel Sauce and a scattering of salty-sweet Spiced Pecans (minus the ground red pepper). Caramel sauce, rather than frosting, sandwiches together the moist cake layers.
I made this recipe with some thicker chops, and had to increase the cooking time and temp for the additional 30 minutes. I would also reduce the amount of liquid used as I only had two chops. I think the type of baking dish used can also make a difference to how much liquid one has at the end. As with any good recipe, I will adjust it to suit our tastes otherwise very tasty and will make again.
I accidentally stumbled upon this recipe when I was researching cat head biscuits. With nothing better to do on a sub-zero, blizzardy day, I whipped up this super easy cake and it did not disappoint. I did a very (very) light dusting of powdered sugar, more for garnish than anything, but otherwise served plain. The cake is amazing – luscious flavor, moist and is definitely one I’ll make again and again. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
I admit it. I was skeptical. It seemed too simple and my lasagna is usually froofy. But wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. This IS the best lasagna ever! It’s deliciousness is in its simplicity. Just perfect. Thanks.
I don’t usually write reviews, but I felt I needed to for this one. I have made many white cakes using various recipes, and some have been good, others not so much. The biggest issue I find with white cakes is that they are just not that moist. That is until now. This recipe is amazing! I followed it exactly as written. It’s flavorful, light, and fluffy. This recipe is definitely a keeper! 😊
No Cook or Instant Noodles can be used without pre-boiling (check the packet instructions first). You can assemble as normal. To ensure the pasta has enough liquid to cook through while the lasagna is baking, we normally add about 1/2 cup of water to our sauce when using INSTANT.

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  1. I was so excited to try this recipe , but the results were disappointing. It has a lovely crumb, but tastes like a pancake. It just does not have the right amount of sugar to flour ratio when I now compare it to other recipes. I wish also that I had used vanilla as the almond is overly strong. We ate this with maple syrup in the end.
    But I had most of the stuff on hand already, so I figgered I’d give it a whirl. I had ricotta and shredded mozzarella/provolone blend on hand, so I used that, but otherwise I followed this recipe. Oh — I did use another poster’s tip and didn’t cook the noodles.

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