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Although you may not expect apples and brussels sprouts to taste so good, trust us – these pork chops are sure to please. Combining smoky flavors of paprika, chili powder, and red pepper with sweet brown sugar and subtle rosemary makes a complex and special weeknight dinner. For the zestiest flavor, rub the chops with the brown sugar mixture the night before, and let them chill overnight. When its time to cook, pull out one pan and you’ll be set. After baking the chops for about 25 minutes, you’ll broil the apples and brussels sprouts on high for a crispy, glazed finish.
Spread 1 cup meat sauce onto bottom of 13×9-inch baking dish sprayed with cooking spray; top with layers of 3 lasagna noodles, 1/3 of the ricotta mixture and 1 cup of the remaining meat sauce. Repeat layers twice. Top with remaining noodles, meat sauce and cheeses. Cover with foil sprayed with cooking spray.
This recipe is in fact a favorite in our house! It always turns out delicious. I generally halve the recipe and cook in a 8×8 dish. I have never precooked the spinach – I just cut it into slices with kitchen shears. This works perfectly and saves time.
Cake flour has cornstarch mixture included can I add therefore are to the mixture as our flour don’t have the cornstarch included ? And when using the complete egg how many will I need forvthe correct mixture.thanknyou
Do not salt your mushrooms until are done browning them. Salting fresh mushrooms before cooking can make them harder to brown up.  If you salt before sautéing , you will never really know how brown your ‘shrooms can get!
Love this collection of boneless pork chop recipes! We ALWAYS have boneless pork chops in the freezer from a local farm here in NC and I am in need of some new ways to cook them up. These recipes look great!
I made these and they were delicious! I did it with bone in chops, and lost a lot of meat that way So will definitely do boneless next time! I’ll probably also sear for a few minutes less. How can I do this recipe with boneless/skinless chicken breast? Same exact way? Coat, sear, bake?
So good, just like my grandmother used to make. Except she made it in a 8×13 cake pan. It took approximately 40 minutes to bake in the cake pan. My grandmother topped hers with a simple cinnamon/sugar mix. Made this for my husband’s birthday, he thought it was amazing!
If a recipe calls for baking powder and salt then the flour is all purpose. Self rising already has those ingredients in it.. If you’d like to substitute self rising for all purpose omit the baking powder and salt.
I was reading some of the comments and couldn’t read them all so if this question was asked before Please forgive me. You said your not fond of almond flavoring and I’m not either so can I take out the almond and use vanilla extract or vanilla bean? Thank you for your time! Karen
Double-check the size of your Bundt pan by filling it with water. Depending on the brand, a 10-inch pan may hold 10, 12, or 14 cups. If you use a smaller pan than is called for in a recipe, fill the pan no more than one-half to two-thirds full. Refrigerate the remaining batter up to 1 1/2 hours, return to room temperature, and bake as cupcakes or miniature loaf cakes.
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Looks sooo good! I’ve made homemade cinnamon rolls before and they take forever…this looks yummy, fast and easy! I’m pinning it. Do you have any idea if you could mix it up the night before and put it in the fridge? Thanks!
Layer cakes are just as delicious as they are decorative and the perfect dessert for any occasion. If there’s anything we love around here more than cake, we can’t think what it is, unless, of course, it’s a layer cake. Think about it: layers of cake, layers of filling or frosting, and that satisfying moment when you cut into something impressive like our Strawberry Dream Cake. While we love our poundcakes and our coffee cakes, there’s just something about a layer cake. Sometimes, you don’t need a layer cake for an occasion, a layer cake is an occasion. We tend to err on the side of more cake, rather than less. From luscious lemon layers to jam cakes to caramel cake recipes so rich you’ll need a nap after, we’ve collected some of our best and most impressive layer cake recipes here. You’ll find the legendary Hummingbird Cake, the iconic Lane Cake, and more unexpected surprises, like the bright and fruity triple decker strawberry cake recipe that just begged to be included.
Watch the video below where I walk you through every step of this recipe and share even more tips and tricks for the perfect white cake. As always, you can find my complete collection of full-length recipe demos on my YouTube Channel.
The second source of cheese is sliced mozzarella cheese. I had my mozzarella sliced at the deli counter in my grocery store. You want fairly thin slices. 24 slices is the ideal amount and it should equal somewhere around 1 pound.
Thank you for posting this lovely recipe, which I am hoping to make a birthday cake. I was planning on baking and filling the cake as you have suggested, and then covering it with fondant icing. Do you think the cake would hold the icing well? Also, must it be stored in the fridge as I do not want the fondant icing to dry out? I would only need to leave it out over night.

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  1. Make any occasion special with these healthy cake recipes. This page includes ideas for birthday cake ideas, holiday cakes, and fun and fruity cakes. We guarantee that you’ll find your new favorite cake recipe on this page.
    Sift together flour and baking powder; gradually add to butter mixture alternately with 1 cup water, beginning and ending with flour mixture. Stir in 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract. Spoon batter into 4 greased (with shortening) and floured 9-inch round shiny cake pans (about 1 3/4 cups batter in each pan).
    I made the cake tonight and will frost and assemble in the morning once the layers have cooled. I’m new to baking though, and I feel like I may not have enough frosting after following the recipe. How many cups do you think the frosting recipe makes? Thank you!
    I wanted to make Lasagna for Christmas in memory of my mother, but couldn’t find her recipe. This one looked good – and so it was! Everyone loved it. I was unsure about sugar and fennel, too, but it was perfect. No one knew about the fennel except myself, and I thought it gave a subtle “extra”. The printed recipe did not state “extra deep” 9×13 and I wondered why mine was so high until I looked online again (we made a foil collar around the top which worked just fine). Today I looked at the video for the first time. It mention the deep dish, but did you notice you didn’t use mozzarella? Anyway, I followed your recipe and loved it – will follow it again in the future. BTW- I really wanted to try your noodle hack (boiling always makes them break up a lot). I was afraid to try it with gluten free noodles, which is a requirement for me. I bet it would work though – Do you happen to know?
    If Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday, try this spin on the traditional turkey and gravy. With cider gravy and dried cranberries, your tastebuds will be in for a sweet spin. Plus unlike turkey dinner, this recipes’ nutritional profile won’t leave you unbuttoning your jeans. Find yourself doing that often lately? Check out these 50 Little Things Making You Fatter and Fatter. Happy Porksgiving.

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