“zucchini cake”

If you are looking for good & easy-peasy meatballs, these are the ones. I switched it up a bit by using half sausage and half beef and used a trick of patting the meat out into a rectangle and then cutting the meat, bar style so they’d all be about the same size. This recipe makes about 24 light and fluffy, medium-sized meatballs. YUM!
To make the frosting, cream butter with a hand mixer in a large mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Beat in vanilla extract. Slowly add in powdered sugar, 1 cup at a time, mixing in between until thick. Use milk as needed to thin out. Dye with food coloring if desired.
Best Beef Enchilada Recipe | The only recipe you’ll ever need for authentic Tex-Mex beef enchiladas. Featuring ground beef enchiladas, a homemade beef gravy, and a freshly grated cheese blend | #kidfriendlydinner #enchiladarecipe #cheesyenchiladas
Lemon Garlic Parmesan Shrimp Pasta is made in just one pot and ready in 30 minutes!  Fresh shrimp gets cooked in a buttery lemon garlic sauce and gets tossed in fresh parmesan cheese and pasta.  It will become a new favorite!
I want to spruce up these cookies for Christmas. I would like to add peppermint extract and mint chips. Do I need to adjust any ingredients when I add the extract? How much extract do you recommend adding? Thanks!
All you ladies with hunters in your family… This is an amazing recipe to use ground deer in! My husband gets a few deer each year so we never need to buy beef. But I don’t particularly like the flavor of deer and struggle to find recipes to mask the This one totally hides the game flavor and we LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing!
“I seriously doubt that anyone’s great grandmother used “ground turkey.” Where I originally came from, NYC, to use anything but ground beef and pork is considered a sin; and I’d have to go to Confession. As a chef, I have nightmares about what’s actually in ground turkey. These meatballs will not be as moist and juicy as they should be. First off, the fat content is way too low and the bread crumbs way too dry. They should be moistened bread or the bread crumbs moistened with milk. Secondly, the meatballs should be fried or baked until the outside is crisp; then finished off in a covered pot of barely simmering sauce; for an hour or more. I usually cook mine for at least 2 hours. Any leftovers are destined to be reheated and served on a homemade, crusty, semolina, sesame Italian loaf. Then smothered with sauce and topped with mozzarella or provolone; then into the salamander/broiler, just enough to melt the cheese.”
Is the egg noodle — long a staple of comfort food and dorm rooms — underappreciated? Not when set against coins of turkey sausage, roasted eggplant, and sweet red bell peppers in this rustic and hearty meal.
This is a great dish. Pasta came out perfectly. Cooking time was fine as well. The only thing I did differently was adding the basil at the same time I added the spinach. I will definitely be making this dish again.
This was really good, and super easy. It is like an instant bulgogi. I plan to use this, add some garlic and cut back on the sesame oil, add peanuts, and serve on soft tortillas. maybe some thinly sliced sirloin or ribeye would work well here, also. Thanks so much for sharing this.
This is perfect for those lazy days when you don’t have time to brush your hair let alone think about cooking. It also helps with not having to think about what should we have for dinner! That right there is my least favorite thing about cooking dinner.

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